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Upgrade to 3-D Secure 2 coming soon for all merchants

If you operate in Europe and accept online card payments, you will soon need to implement 3-D Secure 2. This is in line with the PDS2 mandate for strong customer authentication. Over the coming months, we will be supporting you to comply with the mandate by rolling out an upgrade.

The benefit of the upgrade extends beyond compliance. The older version of 3DS (3-D Secure 1.0) is known to be disruptive to the shopper experience, leading to more abandoned shopping carts. Version 2 aims to address this, with a more seamless experience for the shopper. Initial research is promising and shows that 3DS2 can reduce checkout times by 85% and cart abandonment by 70%. The approval rates have now surpassed the approval rates of 3DS 1 authenticated transactions.

The new mandate requires you to request shoppers to authenticate themselves using two out of the three factors below:

KNOWLEDGE. Something they know, such as a PIN or password.

POSSESSION. Something they have, such as a mobile phone, card reader or other device evidenced by a one-time password.

INHERENCE. Something they are. A biometric such as facial recognition or fingerprint.

The 3DS upgrade will cover this requirement. There are further tweaks planned in future to introduce new functionality.

All Trust Payments merchants will be asked to sign up over email or via your account manager during September, so please be on the lookout for this important information.

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