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10 Sales Tips For Your New eCommerce Business After Launch

10 Sales Tips For Your New eCommerce Business After Launch

When starting an eCommerce business, sales strategies are the roadmaps that help you navigate the road to success. Not only will they help you identify and close deals, but they also show you how to optimise your sales funnel and how to build a sustainable, long-term sales strategy.

Here are our top 10 sales strategies to help you boost your bottom line:

1. Get an unknown customer on board using SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your site better for search engines – this will benefit your business in many ways. SEO product pages get more clicks and conversions from your site — which, in turn, leads to more revenue. With a little bit of work and the right SEO techniques, you can make sure your product pages are ready to rank on search engines like Google and start attracting customers.

2. Enable Twitter selling

A Twitter bio is a unique opportunity: it’s the place on the internet where you can convince your followers to head over to your store and make a purchase. Include any special offers or promotions, links to your e-commerce site, and build up awareness for any great content you’re planning on releasing.

3. Tap into a young customer base with social payments

Use a payments provider that will enable you to create a payment link via a solution like TRU Link. It will connect your social payment channels and Point of Sale – POS system setup, allowing them to work together so your social customers can just pay using a link shared on social media or a QR code.

4. Use your affiliates

When it comes to sales generation, influencer marketing is a relatively easy and effective way for brands to reach out to potential customers — especially when done through social media. Businesses can give their product the visibility it deserves by enlisting social media vloggers, bloggers, online marketers, loyal customers, or even fellow employees.

5. Leverage email to reduce cart abandonment

Abandoned cart recovery email campaigns can be a powerful asset to eCommerce sites, providing a final chance to recover dropped transactions that would have otherwise been lost. By reminding shoppers that their products are still waiting for them in their online shopping cart, businesses can use these automated emails to drive sales and increase revenue.

6. Fully utilise your mailing list onboarding

Most eCommerce brands have a welcome email that’s sent immediately after someone makes their first purchase. These emails are an excellent way for brands to build an emotional connection with customers, and they’re also an excellent way to continue selling your products and grow your sales.

Some of the most effective welcome emails include a special offer, gift, or both — basically anything that gives new leads a reason to engage with your brand.

7. Encourage repeat customers

Repeat customers are the backbone of any successful business venture. They’re far less expensive to acquire than new customers, and with the correct strategies in place, they can help your business thrive.

The real art in customer service isn’t a 30-second response to a question — it’s about building long-lasting relationships and showing customers what your company is made of. From thank-you notes sent after transactions, discounts and loyalty points that encourage repeat business to free shipping incentives – all go a long way to show customers you value them.

8. Use blog reviews to your advantage

When your product is featured in a blog, it can give you an instant boost in traffic and customer base. You can get bloggers to talk about your product by sending them products or monetary compensation for their time. Reviews may also be featured on e-commerce websites with a vast reach.

Whether it’s through online reviews or social media posts, when you build relationships with bloggers in your industry, these can help you expose your brand to a bigger audience.

9. Be creative with your ad budget

Advertisers have a number of options for increased traffic, including Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an online ad network that allows advertisers to place text advertisements on third-party websites based on their targeting criteria. Instead of directly publishing their advertisements, AdSense publishers can let Google manage the ad space and distribute it across its extensive network of websites. This allows advertisers to find relevant target audiences much more efficiently.

10. Get a sale using a chatbot

Chatbots make it easy for users to access the information they need and get answers to their most frequent questions. With just a few clicks, customers can access your site from their phones and let a chatbot recommend products — at the right price — based on their purchase history. It’s also an easy way to answer customer questions and minimise customer service costs.

If you want to see your sales improve, put these strategies into action. They’ll help you connect with more customers and grow your customer base, so you can finally start seeing the powerful results that you’ve been looking for.

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