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7 tips to help you prepare for this winter’s World Cup

7 tips to help you prepare for this winter’s World Cup

Football is one of the most popular international sports bets, especially in European nations like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, where it accounts for 90% of all sports betting.

Every four years, 32 national teams worldwide compete in the FIFA World Cup. Undoubtedly, it is the world’s most popular sporting event, with the previous event generating an estimated US$159.7 billion in betting turnover.

Gaming operators face a crucial preparation period as the world prepares to witness the first-ever Winter World Cup in Qatar. Although this year’s 22nd FIFA World Cup will only last 28 days compared to the usual month, there is expected to be an influx of new customers hoping to place bets.

You can keep your customers satisfied by managing bandwidth during the event by following these seven best practices:

1. Adapt and optimise registration

Providing the best customer experience is essential for differentiating yourself and staying ahead of competitors. It all starts with a simplified registration process for your customers, one that takes the least steps to sign up and follows the regulations, rules and requirements of different regions.

Faster onboarding means more customers. Select a partner that can help you with age verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening as seamlessly as possible.

2. Stay on top of local gambling

As the games begin, so does the competition among operators. Everyone will be working overtime to ensure offerings are as optimised as possible.

You need intelligent localisation to succeed – players are highly likely to place bets on their national teams, so localised strategies and payment options are crucial.

Choosing a payment partner that can provide local support is a smart move. With Trust Payments, you will be able to manage local and gaming-specific accounts across Europe.

This means we can provide you with a personalised service since we understand the challenges of your local market, provide better advice and act as your trusted advisor for all payments and fraud issues. We can also help you generate a new revenue stream by offering customers to pay in their local currency with Dynamic Currency Conversion.

3. Keep audiences engaged

This year’s World Cup has a shorter schedule, which means several games will be played simultaneously, so you need to provide a user-friendly betting experience with a fast payment process. Betting opportunities can be increased – in large tournaments, the stacking of matches allows participants to wager on multiple events on one match day.

4. Manage increased chances of fraud

You can prevent online fraud by knowing who your customers are and what accounts they access. In addition to strong passwords and two-factor authentication requirements, a smart payment partner will also look at IP addresses, geolocation, email addresses, device fingerprints, and other identifying data to ensure fraud protection.

5. Keep it simple on mobile

Multi-channel strategies will allow your business to reach more customers since mobile sports betting is multi-faceted, multi-channel, and extremely social.

In today’s world, customers do not have the patience to fill out long forms. To supercharge the payment process, operators need to take advantage of biometric payments, eWallets, and even cryptocurrency-based payments.

6. Keep authentication simple

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is becoming increasingly important in the electronic payments market due to new regulations such as Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD-2) in the European Union. To achieve the perfect balance between security and user experience, you should implement two-factor authentication (2FA) using the 3DS2 secure protocol.

To make security as easy as possible, users should only be asked to provide additional authentication factors when there is a higher chance of fraud, such as when a high transaction value is involved, when a unique device is used, or when a phone number has been changed.

7. Choose payment partners with quick payouts

Keeping your customers happy means offering fast payouts to them is part of that process. Partnering with a provider with a robust system that performs quick verifications and still pays within 24 hours is important.

Operators with fast payouts are eager to provide customer satisfaction by sending winnings as quickly as possible. They accept multiple payment methods, including alternative payment options like eWallets and local payment options like prepaid cards and cheques.

Partnering with a trusted payment provider

Trust Payments can help you optimise commercial growth and improve your player experience with leading pay-in & pay-out solutions like TRU Connect.

Our payment solutions include instant deposits, withdrawals, and subscriptions, ensuring your players get the smoothest and most trusted checkout experience.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help!

Security statement

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Our systems are scanned quarterly using the Qualys PCI Platform, an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and approved vendors – Omnicybersecurity (UK) & Forgenix (US) – to ensure compliance with the security requirements of the card schemes.

We follow a number of rigorous security procedures on a daily basis including, but not limited to, continuous monitoring of our perimeter, dark web monitoring, and internal checks to ensure that CIA triad is maintained at all times.