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Pay and Play: the benefits of immediate payout in gambling

Pay and Play: the benefits of immediate payout in gambling

According to recent statistics, the casino and online gambling industries worldwide are worth in excess of 231 billion U.S. dollars, divided between around 5,000 casinos.

With so much choice, when it comes to gambling online, every player is looking forward to fast payouts from online casinos. Faster wins and instant payout options are more important to most players than anything else. And having to wait for several days to be able to withdraw winnings from gaming sites will reduce the thrill users get from playing and influence their returning custom. 

Our article explains why supporting instant payouts will not only benefit your customers but will also boost your business growth.

Increasing player loyalty

Instant payment options will offer you better retention rates when it comes to online players. There’s a direct correlation between an increase in player lifetime value and fast payout casinos. In fact, an increase in customer retention of just 5% can lead to a 25% to 85% increase in profitability.

Aside from offering instant withdrawals, consider rewarding customers with bonuses and promotions to increase lifetime value. On selected tournaments and fixtures, offer special bonus points.

Thinking out of the (payments) box

Fast payout casinos will win their customers with fast withdrawals but offering different payment and withdrawal options will put your business on top of their list. Customers now look for alternative payment methods like eWallets, cryptocurrencies or account-to-account (A2A) payments. In fact, 81% of customers say that having a choice regarding payment is very important to them.

Offering alternative payment options will also open the door to international clients. For this reason, smart withdrawal casinos accept a pool of payment options and are not limited to only a few.

The latest trend in payment options, cryptocurrency, allows online users to make multiple deposits without revealing their personal information. Bitcoin has become one of the most reliable and secure methods of making payments at online casinos. By paying with cryptocurrency, they can deposit as much as they want without significant restrictions.

Making room for more gaming and winning

It’s a no-brainer: gamblers will spend more if they have the opportunity to try out different types of games without waiting for their winnings if they are offered instant withdrawal. Taking part in promotions and competitions, as well as making large deposits, is exciting, but finding that withdrawals are tedious and slow is not.

Additionally, online casinos that offer instant withdrawals usually have higher payout rates. Users know that if they are playing on a platform with fast payouts, there are probably no transaction fees. In other words, the stakes will be higher when the games are better.

Offering safe and secure transactions

In the gambling industry, safety is a rare commodity. Immediate payout gaming sites use top-notch technology to offer safe and secure transactions in order to ensure immediate payouts. The security of every online transaction is of utmost importance, so partner with a payment provider that can offer you peace of mind in this area.

Certain online casinos conduct security checks to verify the gambler’s identity, causing payment delays. A fast payout casino will still have a robust system that will verify identity quickly and still pay almost immediately. Moreover, by offering 24/7 customer service, you will boost customer confidence in your ability to handle payment issues.

Make withdrawals fail less and be fraud-free

With more than 20 years of experience, Trust Payments is the perfect partner for gambling operators. With a smooth and convenient payment process that includes instant deposits, withdrawals, and subscriptions, we can ensure your players get the experience they deserve at checkout.

In addition to enabling instant payout options, we support gaming operators with over 50 processing currencies, Pay-in, pay-out and subscription, local and alternative payment methods, as well as integrated fraud management solutions.

Discover how Trust Payments works and how you can start receiving instant payouts today.