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eCommerce “Tricks and Treats” for Halloween success

eCommerce “Tricks and Treats” for Halloween success

In recent years, Halloween has gained massive popularity in the United Kingdom, becoming one of its biggest commercial and cultural events. Halloween traditions, like dressing up, trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins, have led to a lot of consumer spending.

Spending in 2021 was estimated at over 600 million pounds in the UK, according to Statista. It’s no surprise that parents with kids under 5 spend the most on Halloween. After parents, the next big spenders are actually young millennials, with 77% spending on costumes, make-up, and candy.

Despite Halloween’s popularity with consumers, it seems that eCommerce businesses haven’t fully capitalised on holiday sales.

Scared of what Halloween can bring for your business? Make this October a spooky success with all the info we’ve got for you. Here are our top tips to help you make this year’s Halloween a success:

1. Create a truly unique Halloween website template

People tend to buy twice their needs if they’re happy or satisfied with the website’s design. Therefore, decorating your website can help you sell more.

You can make your Halloween campaign interesting by running a spooky look throughout your site. Halloween is a time for creativity, and you can go all out with your designs.

Your eCommerce website can be enhanced by adding a theme that conveys your Halloween campaign key messages. Colours, visuals, and other elements will represent your brand in a positive light, which is crucial to delivering a fantastic user experience. Offering a purchase discount for signing up for your email newsletter can help increase conversions.

Last but not least, make sure you optimise your website promotional pages for mobile. Make sure your most important content is in the middle of the screen, add Halloween popups and stickers, and don’t forget to optimise your website loading speed.

Pro Tip
Using our eCommerce platform Stor, you can create a totally unique shop front using our drag ‘n drop ‘template blocks’ without needing a designer or a web developer.

2. Early email campaigns

Email marketing converts better than any other marketing channel. Whether it is free shipping or discounts for first-time signups, email marketing nudge tactics are among the best and even better if sent early.

Make sure your email copy is compelling and encourages users to take action. You can increase your conversion rate by 3.74% by including a referral link in your Halloween Marketing campaign email.

Pro Tip
Pair your early email campaigns with the ability to pre-order a product. With Stor, you can accept pre-orders for a product before it’s ready to be released. You simply specify a release date, and we’ll notify your customers when their product is ready.

3. Create a themed social media campaign

Last year Halloween made waves on social media with over 2 million posts featuring the hashtag #Halloween2021 on Instagram and over 103 million Tweets about Halloween globally.

There was also a lot of interest in #Giveaway and #Win, showing that people love a good giveaway at Halloween.

Having one or two Halloween-related posts a week is great for small businesses. Think about how you can tie your product in with Halloween and research what your competitors are doing. Use a combination of regular social media posts and paid social advertising to promote Halloween promotions on social media.

Pro Tip
If you are running limited-time campaigns for Halloween, Stor enables you real-time auctions functionality. You can auction some of your products with instant online bidding, just like eBay.

4. Launch a rewards program for purchases

Creating a rewards program can motivate consumers to purchase. Provide a gift based on the amount of the purchase to encourage a larger shopping basket.

A cheap or free-themed product packaging is another treat you can offer. In limited seasons, package redesigns could promote impulse purchases by capturing customers’ attention.

Pro Tip
Offering free shipping both domestically and internationally encourages customers to purchase. With Stor, you can quickly and easily add different shipping types like Flat Rate, Free, Price Based and Weight Based to your eCommerce store.

Take your business to the next level

Stor is Trust Payment’s all-in-one eCommerce platform for businesses. This out-of-the-box solution offers businesses unparalleled abilities to build, scale, and develop online. Stor’s innovative technology offers a simplistic design and powerful built-in features that do not require any coding or IT knowledge. Using drag and drop, business owners can create their ideal online store in just a few clicks.

Get in touch with us to learn more about growing your business online.

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