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How Trust Payments’ women are marking International Women’s Day

How Trust Payments’ women are marking International Women’s Day-2

At Trust Payments, we’re proud of our status as a disruptive innovator. This International Women’s Day, we spoke to some of Trust Payments’ brightest women across multiple departments about their journey into the industry, day to day activities and views on women in fintech, breaking barriers and demonstrating why fintech needs to do better in gender representation.

Yokesha Cox

Head of US Operations

“I always make sure to lead from the front, by example. I’m very hands on, and I would never ask my team to do something I wouldn’t be willing to do myself… In regards to women in the industry, I’m extremely positive about the future, but I remain mindful of the work that needs to be done”

Jada Swaby

Events Executive

“From my perspective, there just aren’t enough women of colour in the industry – specifically black women. It can be a challenging experience coming to work at a company and not seeing anyone who looks like you.”

Nina Blaylock

Customer Support Liaison – Stor

“I believe the biggest issue facing females in the sector is our ability to penetrate the wall that gives the connotation that females are not capable of developing, creating and managing technology… when I began to understand the stamina and resilience that being a woman affords me, I became more open to receiving guidance through sound advice. That’s what took my career to the next level.”

Emma Vassallo

Head of EU Account Management

“Women just aren’t afforded the same level of respect as men. They key to overcoming this is awareness- this has to start at senior management, and we need to have recognition of different leadership styles between men and women- neither one should be considered wrong!”

Siobhan Wright

Group Head of HR

“I am so thankful for the flexibility that Trust gives me. It enables me to continue to balance the needs of my family without having to put my career on hold until my children are older… Too many employers are not operating in the 21st century and don’t recognise the value that working mums add to the workplace.”

Megan Nilsson

Junior Strategic Account Manager

“I’m motivated by the idea of being better and constantly improving, whether that is in my hobbies, skills, or developing my skills in my job. It’s exciting to be able to see a clear difference in where I started to where I am now.”

Alison Conway

Head of Strategic Development

“To solve gender representation, we need to be aware of unconscious bias, consider interview techniques and have clear, objective criteria defined before interviewing begins. Create and encourage an environment where different voices and styles are heard and respected. This also means addressing the times when specific views are expressed in a manner that discourages contrary opinions.”

Megan Nilsson and Alison Conway have both been nominated for the Women In FinTech Powerlist, thanks to their exceptional work with Trust Payments. We wish them the best, and thank them, and all of our women for their dedication this International Women’s Day.

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