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Introducing the Men of Trust Payments – International Men’s Day

Introducing the Men of Trust Payments – International Men’s Day

Q & A

Michael Buckley

Product Marketing Content Specialist 

I’m Mike, I grew up in Cheshire and escaped to Wales in 2009 to study at Bangor University, and I’ve lived in the area ever since. It’s a beautiful place to be, and I enjoy taking walks, watching movies at the cinema and writing about them, listening to music and making my own mix-tapes. I have a passion for gadgets and tech and am normally never found too far away from an iPad! Friends will tell you I always wear odd socks and frequently question my taste in cars. 

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” 

When studying, pursue the subjects you are passionate about and see where that takes you. You’ll be more motivated and more likely to find satisfaction in the career opportunities that open up to you. Also, when you’re young, you have so much free time and the Internet provides so many opportunities for learning and collaboration that previous generations could only dream of. Consider using your spare time to start up a side-hustle online to fulfil a perceived need, and who knows, if you do it right you could end up starting your own business! 

Knowing where to find solutions to problems you don’t know how to solve is just as important, if not more important, than inherently knowing everything there is to know about a given topic. A lot of problems you encounter in tech are complex, stumping even the most experienced developers, and there’s a good chance that someone, somewhere out there will have already figured it out. There’s nothing wrong with building on someone else’s good ideas. The important thing is having a good grasp of the problem, making the best of the resources at your disposal and being able to work well with your team. 

Trust Payments is a company full of knowledgeable people who are passionate about delivering great products and services. It’s a collaborative environment that encourages solving problems through teamwork and supporting each other to reach our full potential. 

I’ve recently come to learn how it important it is to put yourself first. While I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to have an understanding network of friends and family to support me, sometimes I need to disconnect from the world to recharge, and there’s nothing wrong with doing that. This is a long-winded way of saying that I’ll have a big pizza and watch YouTube! 

Someone who can play piano while talking or singing at the same time. I used to play piano growing up and I don’t think people realise how much work musicians put into getting so good at what they do. Being a great pianist is a feat in itself but being able to sing too is amazing. 

Ghostbusters is this delightful blend of horror and comedy, featuring a cast of 4 men with great chemistry and camaraderie, who work together to save the world from a giant marshmallow man.

Kevin O’Connell

Chief Product Officer

I’m Kevin O’Connell.  I’m from Ireland and am based in Dublin.  I’m Chief Product Officer at Trust Payments so my team and I define and help develop the commerce products and services we offer to our clients In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife and our five boys doing fun things – sport, travel, eating out all the usual stuff.  I run and cycle to keep physically active. Aside from the pay cheque what motivates me is interacting with great people, solving problems and constantly learning in the increasingly tech-driven world we live in today. 

My father was quite ill as a young man before I was born and again later in life when I was a teenager. He always used to comment how health was everything and being in good health was something to be really thankful for and never taken for granted – that mindset has stayed with me – I believe if you have good health everything else will be fine. 


It can be a long road and winding road; you may do quite a few different roles in your career (for example initially focussed on technology then perhaps sales and then management) so take your time to figure out what you are good at and keep learning and adapting. Above all else try to find something you enjoy doing that creates value – it makes getting out of bed in the morning that bit easier! If possible do gain experience in both a large corporation and smaller ones or start-ups – blending the mindset and approach of both these environments has really helped me in my career.   

What exactly goes on behind the scenes in the 300 or so milliseconds from the time you decide to use your payment card (or its digital representation on your Smartphone) either in-store or online to the response coming back in terms of security, telecommunications, databases, AI and so on we’ve never had it so good! 

By giving me the team and financial resources to successfully deliver on my goals and objectives with great inter-departmental support along the way.  

Ideally seeing a new city or place with the family.   If at home I’ll try to get out for a run, maybe have a nice lunch with my wife and just spend some good times with the boys. 

I continue to be fascinated with technology past, present and future. Steve Jobs was an amazing person who achieved so much in business, technology and product design so to step into his shoes during the early days of Apple in Silicon Valley when he was teamed up with Steve Wozniak would be incredible. To think the iPhone-era would follow decades later in just incredible. 

A friend of mine, Aidan McCullen, is an author and innovation guru who hosts theinnovationshow.io where he interviews authors about their works to share their wisdom and empower new thinking around innovation. It’s highly recommended especially if you are time poor and don’t have the time to read as much as you would like to. 

Matteo Barbaro

Head of Group Reporting

I’m Matteo and I’m part of the growing group of people at Trust that are from Italy. My passions are travelling and exploring new places around the world. They gave me the opportunity to visit and live in several countries around the globe and, after a few years spent here and there in Europe and in the US, I’ve now moved to London. 

People who know me say I’m a very energetic and competitive person who loves all types of sports, in particular skiing, tennis and wakeboarding. Also, since my childhood, I’ve always been a big petrolhead and F1 enthusiast who can’t miss a race for any reason. When I’m not watching or practicing sports, I love spending time strolling around (London is perfect for that) and enjoying good food at ethnic restaurants. 

Invest in yourself. Whether it’s for your personal development, your career, or just for your passions, investing your time and energy to improve yourself gives you the best return on investments by increasing your confidence, self-esteem and expertise. 


Never settle and never stop improving yourself (it’s also a very good advice I received in life). Same as for a business, the only way to become successful is to never stop improving and evolving, but always work towards the next goal.  

How complex the payments industry is. It’s always fascinating seeing people’s reactions when you tell them about your job and explain how many people, businesses and processes are involved in something that from an outside prospective, it looks very simple 

Since my first day at Trust, I had the opportunity to be part of a team that had an active part of the evolution and growth of the business which translated in an incredible occasion to grow both professionally and personally.  

Days off are a great way to recharge your batteries! I tend to spend my days off outside, either by doing some activities or simply relaxing and catching up with my friends. When possible, I also like to fly back home to spend time with my family and my lovely dog. 

I don’t have a particular person I’d like to be, but if I had to choose, I would be either a top executive in a big company to see how their day is organised and how they can cope with all the workload, or I would be a professional sports player to have the opportunity to see how much effort and sacrifices it requires to be one of the best athletes in the world. 

I’ve always been fascinated by the cosmos and the universe and I recently had the opportunity to read some books about how our universe is made and how everything is (not) linked to the quantum world. For someone who also like these kinds of topics, I think “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene is an amazing book to start. Otherwise, for something more light and nerdy, I can definitely suggest “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. There’s also the movie adaptation, but I can’t say it was as good as the book. 

Pathmaka Galappaththi

Senior Software Engineer

My name is Pathmaka Galappaththi and working as a senior software engineer at Trust Payments based in Sri Lanka. I chose the line of being a Software Engineer because it is one of the fastest-growing career paths. I always love coding and exploring new technologies. In my spare time love to do long walks, gaming, music, and cricket. 

Don’t ever stop learning and Whatever you do—give it 100% 

 Challenges facing by the people of this industry.  

Trust Payments has provided me with a nice fintech industry experience which is allowing me to work with leading international fintech product.  

Ien Ascroft-Leigh


I’m Ien (lots of people call me Len), based in London. I am a new father to a 2 month old baby girl, so my hobbies include waking up at all times in the night for nappy changes, long walks in the park with more nappy changes and hopefully have some time left for rugby on a Saturday afternoon.

Look after your body, it’s the only one you get!

I played rugby professionally and studied as much as much as I could before transitioning out of sports. I would advise anyone in a similar position to do the same.

We love numbers – maybe that is an obvious one?

Trust have given me a great opportunity to prove myself in a world very different to what I have been used to in the past.

Either sports, adventure or sofa and a pizza – that’s why we need three-day weekends!

Thats a hard one – could say a baby and just nap all day, or a billionaire, but that would be too stressful, so I’m going to go with a food taster?

I always listen to the News Quiz on BBC, currently watching the new season of The Crown.

Hamid Jalloh

Post-Sales Support Team Lead

Hi, I’m Hamid from Harrogate – I’m 31 and live with my fiancée Jemma.

I came to the UK with my mum, fleeing a civil war in 1994. Growing up as a Quasi-1st generation in a new country, there were many cultural differences to deal with. I was going to school in a Western setting, in 90’s Yorkshire, but coming home to a quite traditional West African home environment. My main motivation is always to build a decent life. I’ve never desired luxury, though nobody would turn down a lottery win!

When I was growing up, I was in multiple gifted programs, I lived constantly under pressure to be brilliant at such a young age. Finding out the world wouldn’t implode if I wasn’t amazing, was maybe one of the most freeing realisations!

Most things are never as major as people like to make out. It’s important to know when pushback is necessary, and when to preserve your energy.

It’s not always obvious when you’re on the right road and a lot of opportunity comes from discipline; sticking with things until you find a better alternative.

if that means holding your tongue, and taking the diplomatic route, you’ll win respect by getting your way through diplomacy and good reasoning.

Prioritise one thing, give yourself time, and commit. Nobody ever dreamt of employment, but it’s a means to take you to all the amazing places and let you do the wild things you did dream of.

Dedication should always lead to an outcome you’re happy with. Don’t waste your time chasing someone else’s passion unless it leads to yours.

Don’t “gender” your opinions, there are many ways to get things done, and everyone employs them. One behaviour isn’t fine for one group and faux pas for another. They’re either a pleasant person, or they’re not.

There are many teams involved in making payments seem seamless.

You go into a shop, tap your card and take your product, but the background of all that is KYC, verifications, bank statements, credit checks, transaction histories, PCI compliance, Gateway setup, Acquiring Banks etc. Just to get to a point where you tap, the machine beeps, and off you go.

Fintech is fast-moving.

My work ethic is very much, “Be the absolute best you can at what you’re doing, or step aside for the next person”. As Deadpool says: “Maximum Effort”.

It wasn’t until I came to Trust and was given choices regularly, that I actually felt “climbing the ladder” was possible.

The role I have 18 months in is nowhere near what I was hired for. I’ve had 3 managers who have seen my drive and believed my potential.

I have always proven my mettle, been given the role of leader, but never once given the title.

Within 2 years at Trust, I’m a Team Leader, and have already trained 2 people on my team, to work independently so I can focus on tasks which directly support my manager.

A lot of organisations have someone who sits in an office just observing their staff like a Lord and their lands. I enjoy how diversely skilled and involved our leaders are.

You see them regularly. I’ve had conversations with C-level leaders a number of times. This is something you just don’t get in most businesses.

Every day I am inspired because I see my progress, each day is different, and I can put my name to projects which have a genuine impact on the business.

For a very long time, I was working incessantly, and I wasn’t having experiences, because my view was that there would always be a “future” for that.

Now, I put a lot of effort into having fun when I don’t need to work. I love the cinema, watching rugby, just going for a drive. I’ll also do pointless tasks just to challenge myself, like riding my bike as far as I can, and then when I’m truly knackered, I know I have to ride it all the way back.  There no better way to get through the mental wall.

In my generation there’s such a drive to have a side-hustle or constantly be making money. If I might be hit by a bus tomorrow, I’d rather be in a cinema, restaurant, or up a mountain today! I love to be outside so much, just tottering about even achieving nothing at all.

Jeff Bezos – I’m an idealist. I would funnel money into community projects and create a foundation whose key directive is to end poverty in developed nations.

We don’t need to go to space, when we have vast swathes of uninhabited land which could house renewable energy projects with the scale to remove our dependence on fossil fuels in under 10 years.

Our effect on the environment is seen with a sort of “well, I won’t be around when the sky is burning” attitude, and I can’t get my head around that.

Single people holding the personal wealth of small nations is crazy and unnecessary. If they’re not going to put that wealth to real, ground-up objectives, then take your money, step aside, and let someone else try.

Anything by Quentin Tarantino is a must, I’d recommend Inglorious or The Hateful Eight. many people like to tell a story backward, but only Tarantino can tell it from 5 different viewpoints and 3 different directions, while still preserving the surprise at the end.

Everyone should read “101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think, by Brianna Wiest. There WILL be something in there which speaks to you.

The book inspires you to be more introspective and mindful.

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