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Proud at Trust: Q&A with Cammi Mitchell, Team Lead – Monolith Development

Meet Cammi, a much-valued Team Lead – Monolith Development in the Bangor team and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Here is her story…

I’m a rock star with all too much of the rocking and not nearly enough of the stardom. I’ve worked in technology and development for a 30 year+ stint, via a few years in marketing and retail consulting. I’ve studied everything from English to History to Accounting and Law and Strategic Marketing, but I know that software engineering is still the bees’ knees, and Python is almost as cool as C. I am LGBTQIA+ activist and the past National Chairperson of a South African organisation for Gender Diverse People.

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Q & A

What does being proud at work mean to you?

Being able to focus on the work without the divisiveness of prejudice, and then bringing just a little fabulousness to the office.

Do you feel proud of who you are at work? And how does your workplace help you to feel this?

Yes. Every day I see a person standing out from the crowd and doing well at work without being told there is something wrong with them because of their difference – I’m proud of Trust Payments for recruiting these people of talent, from such varying backgrounds. Workplaces that strive to reflect the communities they work in, with a nuanced approach to being global citizens, are so worthy of respect and I’m glad every day that Trust Payments is one of them.

From your experience what have you found enabled you to be your truest self at work?

It takes deep thought to learn which things you should care about deeply, and which opinions you should simply ignore – and in the words of Susan Jeffers – ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. Being ‘me’ without reservation helps me focus on working at the right times, living joyfully alongside working, giving energy to causes, and sharing my stupendously good taste in music (some may disagree, but they are wrong).

What has your experience been like at Trust Payments?

Trust Payments has been a breath of fresh air in its culture of respect with energy and several really positive elements stand out for me:

  • Not everybody has shared the same experience, but we try and understand before judging
  • We trust each other a little more than I’ve seen elsewhere, and it makes the stretch goals possible when we all pull in the same direction
  • We focus on what people deliver irrespective of pre-conceived limitations of their abilities
  • We’re not perfect but we will continue striving
  • Trust Payments’ approach generally inspires me because they engage with the issues, find a solution, and then going on to building the most exciting and fast paced company.

How can workplaces help more people to feel open to bringing their whole self to work?

By caring about what matters:

  • being dedicated to progress and constructive engagement and not using the rainbow flag solely for brand purpose
  • offering genuine support in a culture of shared standards.
  • becoming good at dealing with instead of being good at hiding.
  • acknowledging and showcasing the excellence we bring through our diversity.

What does Pride month mean to you?

Pride Month for me is the remembrance past and recognition present of how many LGBTQIA+ people are economically marginalised, have lost their lives or are at risk, and have been or still are the subject of brutal experiments to the altar of the status quo. But I also celebrate the victories and achievements of some of those memorable individuals, and the reminder that in daily life for most LGBTQIA+ people it gets a little better every day.

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