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The rise in popularity and innovation of mobile-powered POS systems

The rise in popularity and innovation of mobile-powered POS systems

There is increasing awareness among restaurants and retailers that legacy point of sale (POS) systems are causing them to lose business and foster a poor customer experience.

The next step for forward-thinking brands is transitioning to mobile powered POS solutions, which are quite simple to integrate into an existing system. Customer-centric mobile-powered POS systems are essential – they enable omnichannel customer data access and personalisation opportunities that customers will enjoy,

Key differences between POS and mobile-powered POS

If your business accepts card payments, you are not that unfamiliar with POS terminals. Traditional Point of Sale systems are equipped with a touchscreen monitor, CPU, an auto-locking cash counter, a card reader, and a telephone line.

In today’s world, you have to offer customers smarter payment options that are also quicker and more convenient. This is where mobile-powered POS solutions excel over traditional POS systems. For processing transactions, they use data from your mobile phone. With this device, you can accept payments on the go by downloading the POS software and connecting your mobile phone.

A mobile-powered POS solution is specifically designed for payment processing on tablets or mobile devices instead of desktop computers. A credit card machine, receipt printer, or scanner is usually connected to them. It does not require a payment terminal, cash registers, custom software, or specialist installation.

Benefits can include reduced fees, less maintenance and more time to spend on training staff – vital when store queues and wait times lose retailers 10% of footfall, and only 77% of shoppers are satisfied with the length of lines.

This can be avoided by enabling faster checkouts with faster processing using cloud-based POS software. This allows placing your card readers or QR codes throughout your store so customers do not have to wait in one line. Additionally, mobile card readers or phones can be used by staff to complete payments around the store.

Everything is secure because every single transaction is tokenised (encrypted), ensuring that customer details are always protected.

The rise in popularity of mobile POS systems

Retailers and restaurants are now in the best position to take advantage of the shift towards Android POS terminals and IOS cloud based systems.

One of the benefits of using a Mobile iOS or Android POS system is the variety of manufacturers offering different devices at different price points and sizes. As retail and hospitality technology evolves to provide order and pay at the table, queue-busting and self-service ordering, click-and-collect terminals, and mobile payments, smaller and portable handheld devices are ideal for waiters or store staff.

Using Android SmartPOS and iOS devices simultaneously with running a cash register app & a payment app led to mass-market popularity with merchants. It works well when payment processors educate merchants about how to use these apps. As an example of education of the payment ecosystem, Apple Pay launched with clear messaging from payment processors to issuers – on how to use it and how to advertise it.

In comparison to legacy POS terminals, Android SmartPOS and iOS POS terminals offer stronger security. Apple and Google take data security very seriously and make significant investments to ensure their platforms are highly secure.

Finally, in addition to a wide variety of devices and peripherals, Android and iOS operating systems also allow users to customise their software more readily. A highly customised POS interface can be created if retailers or restaurant owners desire certain features. Updates are also carried out in the background on Android and iOS without interrupting the system.

Scaling your business with mobile-powered POS

Mobile point-of-sale systems allow you to sell in different ways without affecting your employees’ workflow or requiring them to learn new technologies. It simplifies the process to just pick up where you left off in the store and eases concerns for your team.

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