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The top 7 things to remember when choosing a card machine

things to remember when choosing a card machine

For merchants, the fact that over half of all payments in the UK are now made using cards will be no surprise. With the number of cash payments falling by around 75% since 2010, as well as the rise of phone pay and contactless, the importance of a good card machine has never been more apparent. We’ve put together a list of the top 7 things merchants would be wise to consider in choosing a Point of Sale (POS) machine.

1. Cost

After successive years of reduced retail activity, cost will likely be the bottom line for many merchants. Retailers would be wise to speak to vendors about the best deals that they can offer – it’s worth keeping in mind that often, the more card machines you agree to purchase, the better the rate you will be offered.

The same is true for the length of tenure you agree to, so finding a trustworthy supplier who you’re happy to partner with in the long run will make your life easier – as well as save you money!

2. Ease of use

Different POS solutions will offer different functionalities that can help make your life easier. User interface is a key part of this – while a touchscreen may offer greater control, if you handle food or drinks over the counter and can’t rely on clean hands, the ability to manoeuvre menus via the keypad may be more appropriate.

Also worth considering is the menu layout and navigation options on your machine. Quick sale and quick menu options could be very useful if you work in a busy environment and need access to payments and transaction histories instantly, for example.

3. Integration

Semi or fully integrated card machines communicate with their corresponding ePOS terminal (the display seen by the cashier). With integrated POS devices, the card machine will receive the pricing information necessary to complete a sale without needing to enter details manually. This eliminates the possibility of human errors and saves you time.

It also enables the recording of individual sales, so that you can view your transactions in one place and make use of analytics and real-time reporting to gain a better understanding of your business. By choosing a semi or fully integrated POS device, merchants can take advantage of fast-developing technology spearheaded by industry leaders like WonderLane, which features intelligent analytics processes and superior inventory management.

4. Functionality and range

It’s also wise to consider your specific POS needs in regards to range. For example:

Do you take payments at the counter? A standard, wired connection will be fine.

Need to move around the shop floor, or complete transactions at a customer’s table? Have a chat with your POS provider about machines with Wi-Fi, or SIM card capabilities.

If you do need a wireless card machine, make sure the battery life will suit your requirements- while many devices will allow for a full day’s use for charge, this isn’t always the case, so be sure to ask your provider.

5. Technical support

At a time when cash usage is falling drastically, it’s crucial to know that you won’t lose out on key card payments should anything go wrong with your card machine, as downtime can mean lost income. The best providers offer round the clock support, including next-day swap outs so that you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be up and running in no time.

6. Security

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard is a mark of quality in payments security. It means that a payments solution has been assessed by an independent body to ensure safety requirements are met. Keep an eye out for this description whenever choosing a POS provider, as without it, your systems may be vulnerable to hacking, which could cause you significant financial damage.

7. Speed of settlement

While some providers will offer next day settlement as standard, this isn’t always the case. It’s worth making sure that you know how long it will take for transactions to process, so that your cash flow and accounting can be accurate.

Trust Payments specialise in frictionless payments, offering all of the above options as standard. Want to find out which card machine will best suit your needs? Have a chat with one of our experts, who will support you to get the most out of your payments solutions. Visit https://www.trustpayments.com/tru-pos/ to get in touch today.

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