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Top tips to cut abandoned carts in your mobile app

In the age of the smartphone, companies selling goods and services online need to figure out how to keep consumers engaged and committed to their purchases. Any consumer will tell you that having to take out their credit card and entering the 12-digit code will make them think twice before making a purchase. No wonder shopping cart abandonment rates on mobile are higher than on desktop, at a little over 80%.

It is especially important for your customers to have a smooth and swift shopping experience when using your dedicated mobile application. One of the ongoing challenges for your customers is having to switch to another app during a purchase using their mobile devices. Since this process is not always smooth, it usually hinders their chances of returning to your mobile app.

In order to simplify this process, we’ve selected a few tips to stop your customers from abandoning their carts in your mobile app:

Integrate payments into your app

Partner with a payments provider that can help you integrate a prebuilt or customised card acceptance feature in your application. At Trust Payments, we are able to offer customers an in-app branded checkout experience avoiding any opportunities for friction or external app experiences that may lead to abandonment. This in-app page will keep customers in the existing checkout process to pay and boost your conversion rates.

Accept mobile-first payment methods

Most customers shopping on your app will most likely be using the guest mode. Having to add in their card details is tedious and slow. Accept mobile-first payment methods like Apple and Google Pay and allow customers to pay for goods and services in just one click via their digital wallets.

Develop helpful app triggers

When your customers are shopping on your app, they can become easily distracted by phone calls, messages or other notifications and leave the checkout process.

Develop triggers to prompt them after initiating and abandoning a purchase. Use personalised notifications to encourage users to return to your app after they have added items to their cart. If this fails, send them an automated email in a timely manner to remind them that they’re only a few clicks away from completing their order.

Use the power of the visual

As a follow-up to our previous point, ensure your abandoned cart emails contain images and show how simple it is for customers to complete their orders. There should be a balance between simple and useful components in a reminder email: vibrant product images, a strong call to action, and a brief reminder of the refund policy.

Keep customers in the checkout process

Keep your mobile app as lean as possible to optimise your shopping experience. Customers can become distracted and frustrated by slow load times and missing links. Trust Payments offers Dynamic Currency Conversion to go the extra mile, so your customers can pay in their own currency.

Create a sense of urgency

Prospective customers often tend to evaluate your product or service’s pros and cons without committing. This is why, during a limited-time sale, displaying a ticking clock on the product page in your app can work wonders. We find that reminding consumers about shipping deadlines can also be quite effective, particularly during the holiday season.

Be transparent about shipping fees

Hidden charges such as postal fees and taxes are one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. They can make your deal seem less attractive. Ship for free over a certain cart value to encourage higher order values. And let customers know about click-and-collect or other delivery options you offer.

Become data-smart

Regardless of which of these tips you implement, the shopping cart abandonment rate will never be zero. In every transaction, there will be extenuating circumstances that cause a consumer to back out. This is a good opportunity to learn more about what causes your customers to abandon purchases using your payment data insights. Our analytics and reporting tools give you insights into your business so you can make better decisions.

TRU Connect provides tools and advice to help you reduce cart abandonment. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning about how they can benefit your business.

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