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Trust Payments acquires eCommerce platform Stor

Trust Payments acquires eCommerce platform Stor

Trust Payments, the disruptive leader in fintech specialising in frictionless payments and value-added services for online and offline retailers, has acquired Stor, an innovative eCommerce platform enabling merchants to sell direct to consumers.  

The acquisition will accelerate Trust Payments’ offering for small businesses – where many struggle with digitisation strategies. Stor offers powerful online shopping solutions to equip merchants with extensive easy-to-use tools.  

With the addition of Stor, Trust Payments’ unique Converged Commerce™ proposition combines payments and banking as a service with added value services. Trust Payments will launch Stor across the US and EU markets. Converged Commerce™ also includes retail operations technology from WonderLane, acquired by Trust Payments earlier this month and seamless, data-rich services to merchants looking to capture and expand customer engagement and loyalty programmes on mobile devices via the acquisition of Mobilize Systems.  

“The acquisition of Stor is part of Trust Payments’ ambitious digitisation expansion drive as we create a one-stop-shop for small and medium sized enterprise businesses. Our vision is to help them drive sales and optimise their customer experiences. We do this with help from a 360° real-time view which offers a deep understanding on how customers engage, pay for products, choose to receive their goods and why they come back.” 

Daniel Holden
CEO, Trust Payments

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