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Trust Payments signs deals with leading ISOs to introduce new eCommerce platform Stor to US merchants

Trust Payments launches Stor e-commerce platform in the US distributed by third-party partner ISOs

Trust Payments, the disruptive leader in fintech specializing in frictionless payments and value-added services, today announces that it has signed new deals with leading ISOs including Provident Advisor Group – which enables them to sell Stor direct to their merchants, effective immediately.

Under the deal, the ISOs will be able to equip merchants with a powerful eCommerce solution that is simple to set up and allows their merchant’s businesses to expand their reach, whilst enabling ISO’s to grow an incremental revenue stream.

Stor was formally unveiled last week (21 March) and is an all-in-one eCommerce platform specifically designed to fuel and accelerate online growth without the usual hidden extras amongst small and medium sized organizations who can often struggle with digitization strategies. It offers powerful online shopping solutions to equip merchants with extensive easy-to-use tools. Alongside Provident, Trust Payments has also agreed terms with DPS Card Services and Card Dynamics.

“It’s fantastic that we have signed deals with such recognized ISO’s further endorsing Stor’s unique and added value benefits to their merchant portfolio across the US – a platform that I’m sure is going to be a disruptor in the market. With Stor, our partners will enable their small and medium sized business merchants to scale without the usual headaches and costs in order to expand their reach and be visible in the ever-expanding eCommerce landscape.”

Jonathan O’Connor
US CEO, Trust Payments

Full local live 24/7 support will be offered from dedicated Trust Payments staff based in the US to help ensure smooth implementations and use of the system across the country.

Stor offers easy to use drag and drop tools making it easy for business owners to create their ideal online store in just minutes. By using the pre-built solution, users have access to hundreds of features from advanced web design, AI analytics tools, SEO, functionality to accepting credit and debit card payments, pre-ordering or stock management.

“By utilizing Stor, we have eliminated the need to coordinate between multiple SaaS product offerings and custom coding. In addition to providing a better and more integrated solution for our clients, we have realized significant cost savings internally by using Stor. This allowed us to be more forward facing with respect to client servicing and acquisition.”

Ari Galperin
Managing Partner, Provident Advisor Group

Galperin added: “Furthermore, the Stor user interface provides a shorter learning curve for those merchants who are switching. Stor has been a valuable tool for bringing many establishments that were previously brick and mortar centered into the eCommerce age rapidly and in a cost-effective manner.”

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