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Why Trust Payments Have Expanded into Malta’s Gaming Sector

Why Trust Payments have expanded into Malta’s Gaming Sector

Trust Payments (Malta) Ltd, one of the fastest-growing payment companies on the island, is part of Trust Payments, an international group with roots in the UK and the USA. As a fast-growing company, we want to expand into Malta’s dynamic and successful gaming sector. On the island, this sector is constantly thriving, contributing to over 10% of the country’s GDP.

Since the introduction of remote gaming in the last ten years, Malta has seen a massive boost in gaming, sending them to the top and becoming a booming gaming area. And the economy will continue to grow with the gaming sector. The country has become an attractive place for merchants and stakeholders to handle their business in the gaming ecosystem. More and more people are flooding to the sunny island to enjoy the lifestyle and active gaming talent. And as a payments company, we are always looking for exciting ways to expand more into the Maltese market to drive our growth.

What makes Malta a good place for gaming is its regulations and infrastructure that allows payment providers like us to offer the best services to support your business. Nothing shouts fun like a regulatory framework. Malta’s gaming sector helps take away the idea that gaming is a nasty gambling habit and is more of a form of entertainment for those to enjoy and escape from reality for a little, whilst keeping it tamed and responsible.

The reduced income tax and lower corporate tax don’t look too bad as well. For merchants, this is something that brings them to the small island. Your tax rate can be as low as 5% when you play by their rules and regulations. With double taxation relief, it makes for a good incentive for gaming business owners.

“Malta is a beautiful island full of diversity and amazing people. The gaming community is immense and brings so much opportunity to merchants and their players. We are proud to offer our services to companies so that they and their players have an unforgettable experience with our industry-leading pay-in and pay-out solutions.”

Steve Ford
Vice President of Sales and Account Management in Europe, Trust Payments

Trust Payments is proud to be a part of the gaming community in such a diversified country. We aim to give merchants the best service so that their payment services run effortlessly for their players. Gaming is a fun experience for everyone to enjoy, but it’s not that fun when the checkout process is lengthy or complicated. Your players deserve the VIP experience with a smooth and trusted payment experience, including instant deposits, withdrawals, and subscriptions.

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