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By Trust Payments Feb 18, 2021

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The client

Matalan is a leading UK and international omni-channel retailer with an offering ranging from womenswear and menswear to homeware and furniture. As of April 2019, Matalan has 230 UK stores and 30 International franchise stores within Europe and the Middle East, supported with a rapidly growing online channel.

The challenges – frictionless payment for the fashionable and coping with COVID

To keep its position as one the most dynamic retailers in the UK, Matalan is continuously evaluating new ways to grow its market share and profitability. It was looking for a payments company to help achieve these goals by optimising its payments operations, improving the customer experience and helping to grow customer loyalty.

The solution

Trust Payments has enabled Matalan to offer both established payment methods as well as alternative new ways that fit with the busy lifestyle of its customers.

Apple Pay, Google Pay and China Union Pay have quickly become popular with Matalan customers.

Apple Pay is an important feature for companies to offer. Trust Payments were able to add the Apple Pay feature to Matalan’s ecommerce. They briskly accelerated the required testing, enhanced the functionality and built in the latest 3DS version to security features, all within a short deadline.

Improvements in customer convenience were delivered by tokenising cardholder data. Some elements of the customers’ payment details are held in a highly encrypted form so returning customers don’t need to manually enter their payment details again. This additional feature helps speed up the checkout process, reduce customer friction and the likelihood of abandoned shopping carts.

The Matalan app is playing an increasing role in developing the brand’s customer experience as it leads the market in bridging the in-app, ecommerce and in-store experience.

Ultimately, Matalan consumers will enjoy a highly personalised experience where they visit a store, select an item and pay via the app as they bypass the traditional checkout process.

The solution

Trust Payments keeps Matalan ahead of upcoming changes in the payments market. This means not only optimising the performance of payments for the business but also helping to retain Matalan’s position at the forefront of customer service delivery.


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