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Getting started with forex

With a daily turnover of $6.6 trillion, the foreign exchange market, also known as Forex or FX, is the world's most traded market. A foreign exchange market operates 24 hours a day, where global currencies are bought and sold electronically. By exchanging one currency for another, traders speculate on whether one currency will increase in value against another with [...]

By |September 23, 2022|Blogs, Forex, News|

How to reduce Authorisation Push Payments fraud for your business

One of the prevalent fraud typologies in the UK is the Authorisation Push Payments (APPs) scam. Through authorised push payments, thieves are taking advantage of Faster Payments, a real-time payment scheme. Approximately £479 million was lost to authorised push payment scams in 2020, of which £91.3 million was lost by businesses, according to a recent UK Finance report. APP [...]

By |September 21, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Fraud, Online Payments, Security|

Your starter guide to Strong Customer Authentication with 3DS2

Businesses in the UK are nearing the deadline to adopt Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) - on 15 October 2022. In line with the Payment Service Directive (PSD2) and enforced by the Financial Conduct Authority, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) provides users with more security. It reduces fraud when they make payments online. We've covered the basics of Strong Customer Authentication [...]

By |September 12, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Events, Online Payments, Security|

3DS2 deadline countdown – is your business ready?

Many SMEs believe they are too small to be of interest to fraudsters, but that is far from the truth. Sadly, credit card fraud is extremely prevalent amongst smaller businesses. Usually, banks take about 10 weeks to settle any chargeback disputes, which will inevitably have an impact on your cash flow. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The [...]

By |September 5, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Online Payments, Retail, Security, SME|

The rise and impact of contactless commerce

Evidence is mounting that the sudden veering to more contactless payments could result in a permanent paradigm shift in the retail industry. In a recent MasterCard survey of consumers, 8 in 10 use contactless due to safety and cleanliness concerns, and 3 in 4 plan to continue using it after the pandemic has ended. Consumers are increasingly using their [...]

By |September 5, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, POS, Retail, SME|

Top ways to future-proof your small business today

Businesses are operating in an increasingly fast-changing world where standing still and sticking to outdated strategies are no longer options. They need a growth strategy that both corresponds to and anticipates industry changes, generating efficiency and improvements to boost profit margins and achieve long-term success. Here are six steps you can take to future-proof your small business for 2022 [...]

By |August 31, 2022|Blogs, Online Payments, POS, Retail, Security, SME, Uncategorized|

Trust Payments’ Kickstart programme nominated for Authentic ESG at the FF Awards

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our HR team, and in particular our Kickstart lead Michelle Spalding, we have been put forward for the first round of voting in the Authentic ESG category at the FF Awards 2022. This award is presented to organisations that demonstrate a commitment to ESG beyond public perception and [...]

By |August 24, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Events, News, Online Payments|

Payment insights: how to grow your business

Payments are changing so quickly that small businesses have difficulty keeping up. Any business hoping to differentiate itself, gain a competitive edge and increase revenue needs to have the ability to monitor, support and adjust payments. Therefore payment insights are essential if you have an ambitious growth plan. A good start will save you time and money in the [...]

By |August 23, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Online Payments, Retail, SME, Uncategorized|

Trust Payments are proud to be founding partners of the Digital FMI Consortium

Trust Payments are delighted to be a founding partner of a new cross-industry consortium launched in the UK to reimagine and test new payment rails for the global financial system, the Digital FMI Consortium. The new group – standing for ‘Digital Financial Market Infrastructure (DFMI)’ – is the body behind Project New Era, the UK’s first [...]

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How to get the most up-to-date security for your eCommerce transactions

A popular and dangerous form of cybercrime, social engineering attacks, affects businesses all around the world. Due to insufficient data protection, the side effects of a global pandemic, and an increase in exploit sophistication, websites have been hacked and breached extensively. A cyber breach occurs at least once a month at 18% of UK companies, according to Statista. Businesses [...]

By |August 17, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Online Payments, SME|
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