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Pay and Play: the benefits of immediate payout in gambling

According to recent statistics, the casino and online gambling industries worldwide are worth in excess of 231 billion U.S. dollars, divided between around 5,000 casinos. With so much choice, when it comes to gambling online, every player is looking forward to fast payouts from online casinos. Faster wins and instant payout options are more important to most players than [...]

By |February 1, 2023|Blogs, Events, Gaming, Online Payments|

Top mistakes SMEs make when searching for a POS system

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a point-of-sale (POS) system for your business. As it is used to track key metrics and support daily operations, finding the right POS system takes time and research, and most importantly, financial commitment. Finding the perfect system to suit your needs is not an easy feat for many small [...]

By |January 26, 2023|Blogs, POS, Retail, SME|

Daniel Holden to speak at Visa Innovation Program Europe opening in Malta

Daniel Holden, Group CEO of Trust Payments, will be a panelist at the Visa Innovation Program Europe opening in Malta. He will be talking about the love-hate relationship between banks and fintechs and how to successfully navigate the space during the session. The Visa Innovation Program is a fintech pilot-centred collaboration platform designed to help start-ups [...]

By |January 24, 2023|Blogs, Events, News, Partners|

eCommerce fraud in 2023: what to watch out for

With eCommerce spending volumes on the rise and the need for increased security on digital channels, businesses have more time this year to reassess their ability to counter online fraud. Globally, eCommerce losses from online payment fraud were estimated at $20 billion in 2021- a 14 percent increase over the previous year's $17.5 billion. Over the last 12 months, [...]

By |January 24, 2023|Blogs, Fraud, Online Payments, Security|

How to improve eCommerce conversion with digital wallets

The pandemic has contributed to a big year for digital wallets: millions of people use mobile payments every day, and demand for mobile payments is unprecedented, as flexibility, agility, and speed are top priorities for merchants everywhere. And new research estimates that 4.4 billion people will use digital wallets by 2025 as customer demand for secure and simple financial [...]

By |January 17, 2023|Blogs, Data insights, eCommerce, Online Payments, Retail|

The rise in popularity and innovation of mobile-powered POS systems

There is increasing awareness among restaurants and retailers that legacy point of sale (POS) systems are causing them to lose business and foster a poor customer experience. The next step for forward-thinking brands is transitioning to mobile powered POS solutions, which are quite simple to integrate into an existing system. Customer-centric mobile-powered POS systems are essential - they enable omnichannel [...]

By |January 17, 2023|Blogs, POS, Retail|

Trust Payments teams with HP at NRF Big Show 2023

Trust Payments is delighted to be exhibiting at the National Retail Federation’s 112th Annual Convention & EXPO—often nicknamed as the “Big Show”—in New York as part of the HP Stand. The four-day event from January 14-17 focuses on the latest technologies and new retail solutions, including numerous highly interesting keynotes and presentations dedicated to the topic [...]

By |January 16, 2023|Blogs, Events, News, Partners|

5 payment trends to watch in 2023

As a result of the pandemic, new payment trends are sticking instead of consumers returning to previous payment methods. The use of digital payments is rapidly replacing traditional methods such as cash and credit cards. The key to lowering processing costs and increasing revenue in 2023 will be turning payment strategies into revenue accelerators. In the coming year, here [...]

By |January 12, 2023|Acquiring, Blogs, Online Payments, POS|

Top secrets to boosting sales with holiday payments insights

The most valuable gift a business can receive this season is the right data. From the beginning of the holiday campaigns to the end, you can capture valuable information that can be applied to future efforts. As we look ahead to 2023, it's crucial to look back at your efforts and analytics and discover what insights you have collected. [...]

By |January 10, 2023|Blogs, Data insights, eCommerce, Online Payments, Retail|

Trust Payments enters Denmark through partnership with Freepay

Trust Payments, a fintech leader driving truly innovative customer commerce solutions, has agreed a new deal to provide acquiring services to Danish payments gateway firm Freepay, part of the Freeway group. Since March 2021, the Freeway group, which is behind major Danish web successes such as, and, has made it easier to run internet [...]

By |January 9, 2023|Blogs, Events, News, Partners, POS|
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