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How to reduce Authorisation Push Payments fraud for your business

One of the prevalent fraud typologies in the UK is the Authorisation Push Payments (APPs) scam. Through authorised push payments, thieves are taking advantage of Faster Payments, a real-time payment scheme. Approximately £479 million was lost to authorised push payment scams in 2020, of which £91.3 million was lost by businesses, according to a recent UK Finance report. APP [...]

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Revolutionising European eCommerce with 3DS 2.0

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the European eCommerce market experienced a well-expected boost across the continent. It is no surprise that both online shopping as well as cashless electronic payments are booming due to their convenience, driving society’s digital transformation and Europe’s economic growth. Ecommerce Europe estimates that in 2021, eCommerce in the European Union grew by 13% to €718bn [...]

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Fight SME fraud with end-to-end payment protection

Fraud and other economic crimes can be hard to catch, and today's volatile payments landscape makes this even more difficult. As businesses act quickly to adapt to change, bad actors are taking advantage of the cracks in their fraud defence and making them lose money in the process.Combating these bad actors and protecting revenue requires tools like pre-transaction authentication, fraud [...]

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Tom Pilling, Trust Payments: “security is imperative as frictionless payments grow in popularity”

This blog was originally posted on Cybernews, 21 May 2022Technological innovations and sophisticated digital solutions have transformed the way we make transactions today. The emergence of digital wallets, auto-renewing subscriptions, and contactless card payments allows users to complete transactions instantly. However, similar to every other innovation, frictionless payments carry their own risks. We can see an increase in malicious [...]

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A guide to enabling fast and secure payments

You've taken the first steps, you've built the perfect website, attracted a following, and you're ready to start selling. But how do you accept payments? And how do you choose the right payment processor to keep things ticking smoothly? It's a critical decision that can make or break how much money you take home at the end of the [...]

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Strong Customer Authentication is here – are you prepared?

The European payments directive that requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) on transactions originating in the EEA has finally become law in the UK. SCA is a modern way to provide customers with a frictionless payments experience across all technological devices. To be compliant, payment organisations must rely on robust mechanisms included in their payment processes which will vet transactions [...]

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How to improve your authorisation rates

Today's retail landscape requires merchants to focus on improving all aspects of the customer journey in order to be successful. To ensure a seamless and efficient user experience, merchants must double-check that everything works seamlessly and efficiently from the time a customer browses their website to the point where they complete a transaction. The latter part of the customer [...]

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Your fraud prevention guide for online transactions

eCommerce offers an excellent opportunity for customers to order online at a time and place that suits them best, but also carries a significant risk of online fraud. When processing any kind of transaction online, you should always be aware of the potential fraud risks and know what to do to prevent them. In this guide, we'll have a [...]

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Everything you need to know about our pre-dispute management services: Ethoca & Verifi

Interview with Christine Jamison, Fraud & Authentication Product Manager What are the services from Verifi and Ethoca for? Put simply, the two services are similar; Verifi is from Visa and Ethoca from Mastercard. They alert merchants to potential disputes before the chargeback process starts. Merchants know too well that overlooking chargebacks can lead to difficulties with their payment process, so [...]

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Top Tips to Avoid Payment Fraud for Your Business

Payment fraud cost the UK economy £783.8 million in 2020, according to UK Finance. However, notable investments in advanced security systems helped protect customers from this type of fraud. The addition of real-time transaction analysis also paid off, as the banking and finance industry prevented around £1.6 billion of unauthorised payment fraud last year. The reality is that any business [...]

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