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Top mistakes SMEs make when searching for a POS system

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a point-of-sale (POS) system for your business. As it is used to track key metrics and support daily operations, finding the right POS system takes time and research, and most importantly, financial commitment. Finding the perfect system to suit your needs is not an easy feat for many small [...]

By |January 26, 2023|Blogs, POS, Retail, SME|

The rise in popularity and innovation of mobile-powered POS systems

There is increasing awareness among restaurants and retailers that legacy point of sale (POS) systems are causing them to lose business and foster a poor customer experience. The next step for forward-thinking brands is transitioning to mobile powered POS solutions, which are quite simple to integrate into an existing system. Customer-centric mobile-powered POS systems are essential - they enable omnichannel [...]

By |January 17, 2023|Blogs, POS, Retail|

5 payment trends to watch in 2023

As a result of the pandemic, new payment trends are sticking instead of consumers returning to previous payment methods. The use of digital payments is rapidly replacing traditional methods such as cash and credit cards. The key to lowering processing costs and increasing revenue in 2023 will be turning payment strategies into revenue accelerators. In the coming year, here [...]

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Trust Payments enters Denmark through partnership with Freepay

Trust Payments, a fintech leader driving truly innovative customer commerce solutions, has agreed a new deal to provide acquiring services to Danish payments gateway firm Freepay, part of the Freeway group. Since March 2021, the Freeway group, which is behind major Danish web successes such as, and, has made it easier to run internet [...]

By |January 9, 2023|Blogs, Events, News, Partners, POS|

Fintech trends for 2023: top expert predictions

With sustained pandemic outbreaks, war-induced energy crises, and crypto market crashes, 2022 proved to be a challenging year. As a result, the financial industry needed to adapt constantly to a changing environment. This narrative will be built on in 2023, as it will relate to how people live and interact with one another. Now is the perfect time to [...]

By |January 3, 2023|Blogs, Events, Online Payments, POS|

The 5 most effective ways to measure Black Friday success

Your goal as an eCommerce owner is to get people to buy from your store - to plan your marketing, offer discounts and attract many website visitors. But how can you tell if your Black Friday campaign was a success? How will you measure the outcome of your efforts? Discover the answer in this article! 1. Top landing [...]

By |November 29, 2022|Blogs, Events, Online Payments, POS|

Unlock local markets and new consumers with APMs

In the eCommerce world, alternative payment methods are continuing to challenge cards for a share of the market. Despite the rise of alternative payments being attributed to the pandemic, technology has been inevitably driving the payments industry towards faster, more convenient ways of exchanging money for decades. Globally, digital and mobile wallets accounted for roughly half of all eCommerce [...]

By |November 18, 2022|Blogs, Events, Online Payments, POS, SME|

7 tips to help you prepare for this winter’s World Cup

Football is one of the most popular international sports bets, especially in European nations like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, where it accounts for 90% of all sports betting.Every four years, 32 national teams worldwide compete in the FIFA World Cup. Undoubtedly, it is the world's most popular sporting event, with the previous event generating an estimated [...]

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In-store POS tips to increase Black Friday sales

Black Friday is taken quite seriously in the United Kingdom. Due to an unsettled economy, inventory issues, demand fluctuations, and changing consumer behaviour, Black Friday sales may feel particularly stressful this year for your business. Though times are tougher, many Brits are still taking advantage of Black Friday to get their Christmas shopping done, with 85% using the event [...]

By |November 14, 2022|Blogs, Events, POS, Retail, SME|
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