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A guide to enabling fast and secure payments

You've taken the first steps, you've built the perfect website, attracted a following, and you're ready to start selling. But how do you accept payments? And how do you choose the right payment processor to keep things ticking smoothly? It's a critical decision that can make or break how much money you take home at the end of the [...]

By |May 19, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Events, Fraud, Online Payments, POS|

The top 7 things to remember when choosing a card machine

For merchants, the fact that over half of all payments in the UK are now made using cards will be no surprise. With the number of cash payments falling by around 75% since 2010, as well as the rise of phone pay and contactless, the importance of a good card machine has never been more apparent. We’ve put together [...]

By |April 25, 2022|Blogs, Hospitality, POS, Retail, SME|

How to improve your authorisation rates

Today's retail landscape requires merchants to focus on improving all aspects of the customer journey in order to be successful. To ensure a seamless and efficient user experience, merchants must double-check that everything works seamlessly and efficiently from the time a customer browses their website to the point where they complete a transaction. The latter part of the customer [...]

By |March 8, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Fraud, Online Payments, POS|

Trust Payments First to Offer Modulr-Ripple Technology to Deliver New Payment Option for Settlements

Trust Payments, the disruptive leader in fintech specialising in frictionless payments and value-added services to SMEs, will be the first customer to benefit from a new partnership to enable seamless payments into the UK and Europe between leading payments platform Modulr and Ripple, the leader in enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions.Trust Payments will now be able to [...]

By |February 1, 2022|Blogs, Events, News, Online Payments, POS|

Top 5 Payments Trends to Expect in 2022

So much has changed in the last 24 months, and consumer payment habits are no exception. Contactless payments via smartphones rose massively and this is expected to continue. Another convenience and safety and hygiene-driven trend the pandemic brought us more recently was an increase in the use of mobile payment wallets via wearable technology from companies such as Apple, [...]

By |January 3, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Events, Online Payments, POS, SME|

Are Omni-payments the Future of Payments in the Food and Beverage Industry?

According to the UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS), the consumer hospitality sector spending is now less than 70% of its pre-pandemic levels and turnover is one quarter lower than 2019 levels. And, over the last year, both consumers and hospitality businesses have experienced fundamental changes that will last for many years. As a response to the impact of the [...]

By |November 12, 2021|Blogs, eCommerce, Hospitality, Online Payments, POS, Retail, SME|

How to defend your business against chargebacks in the restaurant industry

Restaurants are a vast sector that continue to thrive on the mass number of customers that visit them. However, it is becoming harder for restauranteurs (especially start-ups) to grow their business due to the number of fraudulent chargebacks they face from customers. Starting a restaurant is no walk in the park, statistically, 60% of restaurants close within the first three [...]

By |November 11, 2021|Blogs, eCommerce, Hospitality, Online Payments, POS, SME|

How to prepare your business for the busiest season of the year

As the temperature drops and the festive lights come out, we know that the Christmas countdown has begun. The next few months are usually the most exciting and fruitful for retail. Take advantage of everyone's spending frenzy as, on average, a family will spend more than £500 on Christmas. As exciting as this season is for your customers and for [...]

By |November 9, 2021|Blogs, eCommerce, Online Payments, POS, SME|

Adopt ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ to Exponentially Boost Your Business

During the pandemic, shoppers were forced to switch to shopping online, this had ripple effects on many aspects of how consumers interact with merchants. One of the more exciting shifts in consumer behaviour is the emergence and popularity of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’(BNPL) solutions. According to AltFi, the impact of the pandemic also caused a credit crunch, which meant [...]

By |November 4, 2021|Blogs, eCommerce, Online Payments, POS, SME|

Comparing Point of Sale Systems: What’s Best for Your SME?

As the world accelerates through our technologically advanced era, our business practices must keep up. To satisfy a wide array of payment demands, point-of-sale systems are quickly becoming the technology of choice. These systems have expanded to cover the entire retail supply chain, including inventory, logistics, marketing, customer loyalty, and overall business information, in addition to managing in-store transactions. To [...]

By |September 2, 2021|Blogs, POS|
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