Corporate Social Responsibility


Our ambition is to lead the transformation in payments via strong relationships with our partners and clients, with the benefit of the customer at the heart of our approach. We pride ourselves on our ethical business practices and believe that social responsibility and the benefit of the customer are intimately intertwined.

Our communities 

Dynamism, teamwork and passion are central to our ethos, and we have a proud history of supporting community endeavours that echo these characteristics. Our partnerships extend to grassroots initiatives for youth organisations, where we encourage the combination of hard work, integrity and team building that is so important to successful communities and workplaces.

Our People 

We succeed as a company by empowering our talent and ensuring they have the right platform to engage with our boss – the customers. We seek to create a flexible, collaborative working environment where all staff can feel comfortable in addressing colleagues, regardless of function or jurisdictions, as partners who are solely focused on delivering for our clients.

Communication is crucial to our business, which is why we ensure our people are aware of the direction of travel we are all on via company news updates. We reiterate our message, mission and ethos with Town Halls and with continual discussion designed to engage, question and improve our way of operating. We hold staff engagement surveys to ensure that everyone within the company has their voice heard.

We want our employees to feel a genuine sense of ownership in our business, which is why we have initiated a Share Incentive Plan. We want all permanent employees to contribute to and share in the success of Secure Trading Group. We also want our people to enjoy a positive working environment and work/life balance, which we support with flexible working arrangements.

Health, safety and the environment 

We are committed to ensuring our people are provided with a safe working environment and that we follow legal requirements and best practice standards. We also continually look for opportunities to improve our impact on the environment and more effective means of operating, whether that be efficient travel policies to reduce our carbon footprint or recycling drives. Climate change is a real factor in today’s world; we want to ensure that we are mitigating the negative effects of doing business where possible.

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