Cryptocurrency is the future – we simplify the application process for digital currency users and help take their business to the next level.

Powering your path to success

Our dedicated team of crypto specialists can get you approved and processing on our flexible, cloud-based platform in less than two weeks. With fast international payments, smart loyalty tools and robust risk protection, you can take your business to the next level.

Open Banking

Seamless payments and refunds direct to customer accounts (UK & EEA).

Instant Global Payouts

Receive international payouts and settlements in seconds.

15+ Currencies

Direct to beneficiary account via local payment method.

Why use Trust Payments?

Why use Trust Payments?

Crypto launchpad

Simplified application process, onboarding and storefront with compliance taken care of.

High acceptance rates

Faster financial decisions for our clients.

Rapid crypto settlements

Integrated payments system to cut down the number of intermediaries, so that you can receive payouts and make payments in seconds.

Easy data solutions

Get full control of your data in real-time.

Powerful loyalty engine

Reward your customers for deeper engagement.

Disruptive banking solutions

With faster international payouts, full range of FX services and value-added account services.

Total protection

Iron-clad security to filter out fraud and reduce chargebacks.

Our Solutions


Our leading-edge, Blockchain-based platform pairs the customer with their transactional data across all channels so that you can offer attractive, real-time rewards.



Crypto Data Feed allow you to access and review all your data in real-time (e.g. fraud, chargebacks, Verify, Ethoca) for faster decision-making. Stay up-to-date with MCC 6051 trading trends and compliances.


Converged Commerce

Offer next-generation customer experiences including digital wallet, wearables and IOT through our omnichannel sales platform.


Advanced risk, fraud and AML detection

Our proprietary fraud checking tool detects fraud and cyber threats through continuous behavioural authentication. With it, users can:

Decrease secondary authentication

Reduce false positives and bots

Manage PSD2 thresholds and bots

Protect against account takeover

Remove friendly fraud

Prevent cyberattacks including malware

Meet our Crypto team

Our friendly, in-house crypto specialists spend their days analysing approval rates, BIN blocks and speeding up local transactions so that you can grow your revenues. They will also keep you up-to-date on the latest regulations and trends.

Steve Ford

Head of Crypto

Yeseniia Marchenko

Head of EU Sales

Roland Beernaert

Crypto Business Development Manager


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