deVere Group take on Trust Payments/ as payment gateway and acquirer for global money app

Trust Payments have been chosen by global financial consultancy deVere Group to provide acquiring and payment gateway services for deVere’s global money app deVere Vault.

London, December 4th 2018 – Trust Payments have announced today that they have been selected by one of the world’s largest independent international financial organisations, deVere Group, to supply one of their app’s payments platform with the provision of acquiring and gateway solutions. The app, called deVere Vault, allows users to store, transfer and exchange currency to and from an account in real-time to a prepaid multi-currency card.

The app’s internationality requires a gateway provider and acquiring partner that can handle transactions on a global scale. deVere Vault allows users to convert into 27 different currencies instantly using dynamic FX rate alerts to exchange at the optimum time.

Trust Payments wide range of currencies and payment methods make them the ideal payments partner for this app,” Nigel Green, founder and CEO of deVere Group said. “With deVere Vault, the global e-money app and multi-currency prepaid card, users can make transactions and payments whilst benefitting from much lower fees, plus on-the-go, 24-hour, hassle-free, borderless access to, and use of, their own money.

“Trust Payments and their acquiring branch,, have the cross-border and multi-currency capabilities to facilitate this easily.”

“We are truly excited to partner with such a well-established company who offer a truly unique and innovative solution for customers around the globe looking to convert and spend their money in multiple currencies,” Jonathan O’Connor, Chief Commercial Officer of Trust Payments said.

“Our international approach to payments is perfectly suited to the app’s functionality; we are hugely experienced in processing international payments for companies, so doing this from user-to-user via the deVere Vault app is well within our sphere of expertise. We hope that we can help drive the app’s on-going development and help it to gain the recognition and usership that its innovation merits.”

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