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How International Payments Can Globalise Your Brand

You no longer have to go to the ends of the Earth to achieve globalisation. Taking your brand, goods and services to a worldwide market is simple thanks to the meteoric functionality of the internet and eCommerce. The global trade networks established by imperial superpowers of centuries gone by – the trailblazers for global trade – have been surpassed by the simplicity and speed of the modern online store.

With the tap of a finger on a mobile phone screen I can make an international purchase from a merchant located in a remote corner of the world. The seller is notified in seconds and my goods will be on their way. If I want spices direct from India, they can be here within a week; if I want wool from the Andean mountains, it’ll take 5 days; if I’m a merchant and I have a customer in the British Antarctic Territory, my goods will make the 9,000-mile journey across land, sea and ice to the most isolated of human habitats in just 14 days.

When the term ‘globalisation’ is thrown about, people tend to think of huge multi-nationals taking home billions in revenue and stamping their brand across every billboard, bus and television screen from Kettering to Kathmandu. But globalisation has changed. Now, all a merchant needs to do to achieve global reach is to make intelligent decisions on how to sell their products, and how to connect with their customers.

The key to closing cross-border deals online is creating an eCommerce environment that is clear, familiar and secure for the customer when they come to pay. This speeds up the checkout, reduces cart abandonment and increases customer loyalty.

Simple yet important measures need to be taken to create a truly international checkout experience:

Trust Payments have the solutions to help you achieve globalisation without having to uproot your business. Our international offering will help to make you a global megastar. Talk to one of our team about our multi-lingual, multi-currency and localised payments solutions today. Trust Payments can help you to become a local brand, wherever your customers are.

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