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MyST – Our intelligent tracking and analysis tool

When merchants accept payments from customers, the transaction creates a set of data touchpoints which can provide business with valuable insight into their customers’ behaviour. TRU//ST Payments’ personal area for merchants, MyST, has several intuitive features to help merchants understand their shoppers’ activities, create insightful reports, and develop new strategies to maximise sales.


We have designed MyST to fit snugly into your phone or tablet screen, so if you’re out and about, you can easily log-in to your account via any browser.

Simple design and navigation

We want all of our merchants to have a fantastically simple and useful experience when using MyST. With a clear and concise navigation structure, and visually clean design, MyST helps you to access your transaction data quickly and efficiently.

Support at your fingertips

Every page in MyST comes with specific, in-depth help to make sure you never get lost and know exactly how to reach your destination within the platform. Easy-to-read graphs appear on your dashboard so you can spot trends instantaneously on sign-in.

Tailored to you

Each user can choose how their transaction search and reporting results are organised and displayed, so you can create powerful, intelligent reports that help you to understand your customers’ shopping behaviour.

Real-time data

When a payment is made on the Trust payments gateway, the transaction will be logged onto MyST in real-time, meaning that you can instantly access your data.

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