Trust Payments / launch vertical-specific, omnichannel solutions for businesses at SME to corporate level, covering eCommerce gateway, mobile, merchant acquiring, POS hardware, alternative payments and AI fraud tools

LONDON, 26th April: Trust Payments / announced today that they have successfully completed the pilot of their brand-new POS devices. The devices, it has been confirmed, completed the pilot with seamless and secure transaction processing via – the award-winning merchant acquiring solution. The expansion into POS completes the Trust Payments /’s evolution into a complete omnichannel payment solution provider.

The pilot comes off the back of Trust Payments /’s recently announced global partnership with AEVI Technologies, through which they are now offering both stand-alone and semi-integrated POS and mobile POS solutions. Over the next six months this product bundle will also include a cloud-based app environment for POS solutions, driving additional cross-product functionality and value to existing and future clients.

“We now join the family of omnichannel payment processors who accept customer payments across multiple sales channels and devices, whether via telephone, mobile, online or via a point-of-sale system. This shift in our business model allows us to service our existing and future clients in an offering that truly encompasses enterprise in its entirety,” commented Daniel Holden CEO of Trust Payments /

The development of this omnichannel offering will bring the firm’s hyper-focus on innovation and product development to a wider merchant base. Trust Payments / are focused on applying powerful web-based tools to transform merchant onboarding, making quick credit decisions and providing instant Merchant IDs.

Holden added, “This move represents an exciting new direction for our firm, and opens up a path of change as we march forward in our mission to serve our existing and new clients with cutting-edge innovation, expertise and customer service.”