Trust Payments/ expand fashion retail portfolio

Trust Payments chosen by for payment gateway and merchant services

LONDON, 11th March: It was announced today that Trust Payments and acquiring arm have been taken on by luxury tie retailer as payment solution provider. is one of the UK’s most popular online retailers for high quality men’s apparel, and with a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction, they felt that Trust Payments and were the perfect fit for the company’s ethos.

The deal between and Trust Payments/ was struck thanks to the success of an existing relationship between one of the merchant’s sister-companies, and Trust Payments. Trust Payments and were chosen thanks to their familiar back-end system and cost-effective processing fees.

“Trust Payments have always been reliable payments provider for, so it was an easy decision to use them for,” Jason Farnsworth, Managing Director of said, referring to Trust Payments payment gateway has an unrivalled 18 years of no downtime. “We chose an integrated gateway and acquiring payment system with Trust Payments and because it assures that we reduce hassle by having a single point of contact for all of our payment tools.”

Craig Brightly, Head of Sales at Trust Payments, added: “ are an up and coming fashion retailer with a pedigree for nurturing excellent customer relations and fast, flexible product delivery. To ensure that these standards are maintained, we will ensure that all payments made on the website are convenient, speedy and secure for customers.”

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