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Trust Payments/acquiring.com secure new partner in Kyte Consultants

Trust Payments are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with information and communications consultancy Kyte Consultants. With both companies are based in Malta, the home of the iGaming sector, it’s expected that the partnership will benefit a large number of gaming merchants.

MALTA:Trust Payments Malta-based merchant acquirer acquiring.com have formed a new partnership with Kyte Consultants, who provide a wide range of advisory services to companies heavily reliant on information and communications technologies. The partnership will provide vital introductions between Kyte’s merchant base and acquiring.com, which will guarantee merchants the very best of acquiring.com’s flexible acquiring solutions.

Kyte are accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority and have a number of high-profile clients in the gaming sector, which was a huge draw for acquiring.com when deciding to form this partnership. Trust Payments have significant expertise and experience in gaming, which is especially important given the ‘high-risk’ label that gambling merchants are often given by acquirers. From an acquiring perspective, acquiring.com support a number of key features for gaming merchants, including Dynamic Currency Conversion, 22 alternative and local payment methods, settlement in 14 currencies and low-cost pay-outs.

“Not only will this partnership benefit merchants, but acquiring.com will be able to update their current systems thanks to Kyte’s guidance across key operational areas of their business.” Vivian Duff, Business Development Manager of Kyte said. “Kyte are a Qualified Security Assessor Company for PCI DSS, as well as experts in navigating Malta’s specific remote gaming regulations. Moving forward, we’re positive that we will prove to be a huge asset from an advisory perspective for acquiring.com.”

“We are incredibly excited about being able to offer our acquiring services to Kyte’s merchant base”, Ryan Cachia, Managing Director of acquiring.com said. “Partnerships such as these benefit merchants in many ways; they are guaranteed the reliable, gaming industry-focused acquiring solutions that we provide, and we are able to offer our services at fantastic rates otherwise unavailable to stand-alone merchants.”

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