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Financial Services

We support financial services institutions with speedy
settlements and high approval rates.

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Trust Payments data circles

Complex financial
services payments,

Let us take out the complexity
in payments for your FX, money remittance and treasury services.

Why Financial Services customers choose us:

Simple application process, fast application decision.

Single integration for all payment methods in and out.

AI based fraud screening and monitoring solutions.

See all your payment data in one place.

Instant pay-in and pay-out functionality.

Capable of processing 110 currencies and 14 settlement currencies.

Next-day settlement of funds.

24/7 technical support.


“Trust Payments’ dedicated remittance team understands the nuances of the money transfer business, including optimising cashflow. This helps to make well-informed decisions for clients.”

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Payment methods for
Financial Services

When your customers reach the checkout, we have got you covered with payment methods that they know and trust.

Meet our Financial
Services specialists

Wayne Gould

Head of Financial Services Sales

“We provide all payment touch-points via a single integration using our unified gateway technology at a Pan-European level. The benefits include Real-time Monitoring, Enhanced Reporting, quicker approvals and settlements. Our Solutions empower you to collect payments via Telephone, Mobile, Pay-By-Link and ECOM.”

Craig Brightly

Head of Sales

“Cashflow is crucial for financial services businesses. Our team can support you with a range of pay-in and pay-out technologies, helping to power secure commerce and instant funding.”


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