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Hospitality Digital Services

By Trust Payments Feb 22, 2021
The client: Hospitality Digital Services

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The client: Hospitality Digital

Hospitality Digital Services (HDS) supplies hotels, restaurants, venues, bars and more with cloud-based solutions that convert customers own mobile phone into an ordering system for food, drink, products or services.

HDS is an innovator in the hospitality sector that continues to offer merchants new ways to use digital technology to make their operations more customer-centric and efficient. When their CEO, Gareth Winterton, first approached Trust Payments as a potential partner in 2019, he was ready to launch a QR payment solution. This would enable bars and restaurants to offer customers the ability to place orders and pay using a QR code. While initially designed to improve efficiency and customer convenience, it would become a perfect solution to support social distancing measures during COVID-19.

The challenge – from CNP to
Card Present

“I had some interactions with other acquirers who made a lot of promises,” explained Gareth.

“We wanted Apple Pay from the outset and ultimately they didn’t deliver – but Trust Payments gave us exactly what we needed. I was impressed with their API and the supporting documentation, so the integration was very straightforward.”

Gareth Winterton
CEO Hospitality Digital Services

Gareth had a good feeling about the relationship from the start. “I had a strong instinct that Trust Payments was a business that I could have a real two-way relationship with and not feel like just a number.”

“HDS is an ambitious business and I already had plans for another payment solution that I would need some extra support with.”

HDS wanted to expand its payment offerings in the hospitality sector. Following its QR code product, which is categorised as an ecommerce ‘card not present’ payment, the business wanted to move into a ‘card present’ at the Point-of-Sale solution with its own ePOS Mobile Order & Pay service.

The solution – ‘absolutely solid’ payments & great relationship

Trust Payment is a specialist in the hospitality sector and understood the market need for a service like HDS was offering.

A tablet-based solution would be offered to merchants through which their customers can order food and drinks. The tablet is a semi-integrated solution that linked to the merchants’ personal electronic device (PED) which lights up to take the payment. It is entirely app-less and works as part of the bar or restaurant owner’s till set-up with no additional hardware.

“Let’s say a group of friends are out for a birthday meal. At the end of the evening, our merchant pings a request for a payment from their ePOS to the customers’ phone. But the meal is being paid for by their parents – so the request to pay can be instantly forwarded on to them.”

Gareth Winterton
CEO Hospitality Digital Services

Trust Payments helped HDS not only launch the solution from a payments perspective but used its position in the hospitality sector to help it grow.

“Given their expertise and connections within the sector, the Trust Payments team comes into contact with potential customers for our service,” said Gareth. “They have referred a number of leads to us who have since become customers so that’s great. But ultimately, their payment solution is absolutely solid, and we have a very close relationship. Communication is massively important to me, and they are great at that too.”


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