Enable your hotel, restaurant, takeaway
or bar guests to pay online, in-app or by
convenient in-person payment methods.

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Hassle-free hospitality

If you run a HORECA business, you know delighting your guests is your number one priority. Leave a lasting impression with a smooth and secure payment experience so guests can relax and enjoy their time with you.

We support the Hospitality industry with:

Online reservations

24/7 technical support

Account management team with deep expertise in the hospitality industry

100% uptime for round the clock safe and secure

Local presence in UK/US/Europe

Multi language payment pages, including Dynamic
Currency Conversion

Over 50 processing currencies

Enhanced reporting features

“Trust Payments was a business that I could have a real two-way relationship with and not feel like just a number.”

Gareth Winterton, CEO, Hospitality Digital Services

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The Crazy Bear Group owns hotels across the UK entertaining guests in Oxford since 1993 and London since 2008. Their award-winning service is known for their unique and elaborate design all while providing luxury to its customers. The renowned hotel Crazy Bear integrates Trust Payments as their payment gateway partner.

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Payment Methods for

We partner with hospitality businesses to offer all the major credit cards and alternative payment methods your guests expect to be able to pay with.

Meet our Hospitality specialists

John Pace

Chief Business Development Office Malta

“We always continue to be flexible and adapt to the changing world, identifying and delivering the key services to make us the one provider to choose.”

Lee Howey

Hospitality & Loyalty Vertical Director

“Hospitality is now a truly connected vertical, with mobile at the forefront of growth. We understand the complexity of the industry and through partnership and collaboration deliver a payment and loyalty solution that exceed expectations.”


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