Slavery and Human Trafficking Transparency Statement 2018

This statement applies to Trust Payments Group Ltd, its companies and subsidiaries. It is made pursuant to Section 55 of the Modern Slavery Act and sets out Trust Payment’s approach to dealing with the potential risk of human slavery and trafficking (as defined in the Act) occurring within Trust Payment’s supply chains or any parts of its business Trust Payments is a global leader in payments processing technology and solutions for our merchant customers. We operate reliable and secure proprietary technology platforms that enable merchants to accept a vast array of payment types, across multiple channels, anywhere in the world. Trust Payments is a pioneer in card payments, multi-currency processing, online and contactless payments. We are leaders in optimising data analytics and expanding the global footprint of integrated payments. Trust Payments Group companies are located in the UK, Malta and the USA. Most of our colleagues are located in the UK and Malta. Based on the nature of our services, the businesses within the group have transparent supply chains that support a premium delivery of technological solutions. Our suppliers are overwhelmingly based in the UK, EU and the US with a focus on supporting our platforms. As such, we believe that the risk of slavery and human trafficking issues in our supply chains is negligent, though we remain vigilant to any potential risks. We recognise the importance of reviewing this approach to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Trust Payments is strongly opposed to slavery and human trafficking and we will not knowingly support or do business with any organisation that is or could potentially be involved such practices. This commitment is underpinned by our Supplier Management Policy and our approach to procurement and supplier management activities generally, which require our businesses to undertake significant due diligence upon the suppliers with whom we engage. Our approach is supported by our corporate policies including our Whistleblowing Policy (concerns arising under which would be raised to the Group Risk Committee), Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, Conflicts of Interest Policy, and multiple sector policies covering the customer areas to whom we provider services. In addition, our employee polices are consistent with human rights principles and applicable human rights legislation in the countries in which we are located, covering matters such as Health and Safety, Training and Competence, Remuneration and Internal Vetting. This statement was approved by the Board of Directors of Trust Payments Group Ltd on 1st December 2018 and will be reviewed annually. It is available on our website at:

Daniel Holden,

Chief Executive Officer

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