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Four tips for getting back to work and open for business

As you prepare to reopen after lockdown, it’s important to ensure your business is ready to go on day one. Aside from government regulations, here are some of our hints and tips on how to ensure you are ready and raring for success.   

Don’t miss a sale, ensure you can accept the latest payment methods. eWallets are fast becoming a preferred payment method and consumers demand the latest options, such as Apple Pay, PayPal and AliPay. We have a highly secure and ever-growing list of payment methods for you to ensure you never miss out on a sale. Talk to our account management team for more information.  

Health-check your online reviews. As your business reopens, it’s important to ensure your online reviews are in good shape. Make extra effort to respond to customers’ reviews, and after a customer has made a purchase, it’s a good idea to request them to review your service. 

Check your POS is up and running.  If you have a Trust Payments POS terminal, it’s important to fully charge it so it’s ready for service.  You can then run and complete a connection test by performing a handshake from the Quick Menu icon. Thirdly, check your software is up to date by going to Menu > Administration > Manager Password > Software Update. Finally, perform a test transaction and reversal.    

Continue to offer touchfree services.  Where possible, continue to offer your lockdown services after you open up again, including TouchFree payment options. Many customers will still be hesitant to go back to their old habits. Allow customers to shop, order and pay online so you do not miss out on any sales. 

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