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Trust Payments partners with Kriptomat to facilitate ‘everyday’ cryptocurrency exchange

September 16, 2021|

Trust Payments, the global unified payments group, has partnered with Kriptomat to power the payments engine behind Kriptomat’s cryptocurrency exchange. Operating from Estonia since 2018, Kriptomat describes itself as “the most user-friendly government-regulated European cryptocurrency exchange.” Targeting cryptocurrency beginners, Kriptomat empowers everyday people to purchase, store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies [...]

7 proven tactics to battle abandoned shopping carts

September 14, 2021|

An online shopping cart abandonment rate of over 70% is typical. That's a significant number that may have a direct impact on your business's bottom line. But why do so many shoppers abandon their carts, and how can you reduce this number? There are a few typical reasons for cart [...]

Trust Payments Expands into New Bromley Office

September 10, 2021|

Trust Payments, the payments technology group, celebrated opening its new offices in Bromley on Friday, adding 80 new roles. The rapidly expanding global payments company drives digitisation and payment acceptance for businesses, combining online, in-store and Point of Sale technologies to help companies adapt and grow in existing and [...]

Reduce chargebacks and increase eCommerce sales: the ultimate checklist

September 9, 2021|

2020 has brought remarkable change to eCommerce. While many traditional business models are failing, eCommerce sales have seen exponential growth. However, according to McKinsey, the average rate of merchant chargebacks across all industries is rising 20% every year. And eCommerce sales are a chargeback minefield, as card-not-present payments are more [...]

Top eCommerce Trends To Watch For In 2021

September 7, 2021|

Now more than ever, eCommerce brands need to adapt and communicate more effectively with their customers. With technological improvements advancing at a rapid pace and changing customer behaviour around shopping, eCommerce trends cannot be overlooked for 2021. Companies need to understand the importance of these trends from a customer perspective [...]

Comparing Point of Sale Systems: What’s Best for Your SME?

September 2, 2021|

As the world accelerates through our technologically advanced era, our business practices must keep up. To satisfy a wide array of payment demands, point-of-sale systems are quickly becoming the technology of choice. These systems have expanded to cover the entire retail supply chain, including inventory, logistics, marketing, customer loyalty, and [...]

10 Sales Tips For Your New eCommerce Business After Launch

August 24, 2021|

When starting an eCommerce business, sales strategies are the roadmaps that help you navigate the road to success. Not only will they help you identify and close deals, but they also show you how to optimise your sales funnel and how to build a sustainable, long-term sales strategy. Here are [...]

How to Reduce Customer Churn in Your eCommerce Store

August 19, 2021|

Winning customers is no easy feat. Keeping them is even harder. In fact, the average eCommerce store loses 76% of its customers within a year. While some churn is expected and can even be beneficial to your business, it's essential to avoid losing valuable customers prematurely. No matter how much [...]

Everything you need to know about our pre-dispute management services: Ethoca & Verifi

August 18, 2021|

Interview with Christine Jamison, Fraud & Authentication Product Manager What are the services from Verifi and Ethoca for? Put simply, the two services are similar; Verifi is from Visa and Ethoca from Mastercard. They alert merchants to potential disputes before the chargeback process starts. Merchants know too well that overlooking [...]

What’s shaping the future of iGaming payments security?

August 11, 2021|

The iGaming industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 90s. Today, it's one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, with annual revenue of $66.7 billion in 2020, according to Statista. In the UK, online gaming rose to £5.7 billion according to data from 2020. [...]

Finding the right eCommerce platform for your growing business

August 5, 2021|

Starting to sell online is exciting, but you'll need more than inspiration to get things going. There's still plenty of research to do and a lot of questions to answer before you get started. What should be your priorities? Considering an eCommerce platform to partner with is certainly a step [...]

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