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Online payments in Italy: customer behaviour during Covid-19

July 19, 2021|

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s lives and fuelled significant changes to our spending habits. The online payments industry is now at the furthest that it’s ever been - cash is slowly being squeezed out of the mix. Consumers can now conveniently pay with contactless cards, mobile phones, and eWallets - this [...]

Next-generation tech is reinventing the payments experience

July 16, 2021|

We’re more than one year into the pandemic, and the potential impact on businesses of all sizes is becoming clearer as consumer spending, a major driver of payments revenue, has slowed down significantly. To preserve liquidity and support their customers, many businesses are relaxing or deferring customers’ payment obligations. In [...]

Find the right payment solution for your international customers

July 14, 2021|

With over a year of closed borders, tourism is slowly ramping up, with Europe commencing preparations to welcome leisure travellers in time for summer. The UK’s hospitality sector is also preparing to welcome international tourists, and VisitBritain is forecasting a recovery to £51.4bn in domestic tourism spending in 2021. Now [...]

5 Powerful Ways Data-Driven Decision Making Can Help Your SME

July 12, 2021|

Data has become the lifeblood of customer conversion - its analysis can help companies make intelligent decisions, including how to market their products and services, who they should target, which channels or payment methods to use and how to measure success. This is especially true for small and medium enterprises [...]

Business Basics: Why You Need to Accept Online Payments

July 6, 2021|

As the pandemic drove more people to shop online in 2020, all countries witnessed a rise in eCommerce. The United Kingdom, in particular, was a leader in this sector, with a retail eCommerce share at 30.9% in 2020. However, brick-and-mortar retailers suffered considerable losses last year. Large numbers of businesses [...]

Payment localisation can fuel your business growth

July 2, 2021|

Payment localisation is a critical, however often overlooked aspect of business operations. It's not just about having a convenient payment method for your customers — it's about ensuring that you're doing everything you can to support your global ambitions. Payment localisation is the process of adapting your global payment options [...]

Crypto payments are revolutionising the Finance Industry

June 28, 2021|

There’s no denying that cryptocurrency has a massive impact on the world. It’s disrupting industries, changing consumer behaviours and forcing many institutions to rethink their strategies as they look for new ways to attract clients. Many companies stored their cash reserves in cryptocurrency during the pandemic as they believed currencies [...]

Converged Commerce – your next tool for business transformation

June 23, 2021|

Today’s consumer is accustomed to the advantages of leveraging both online and offline channels for an effortless, economical shopping experience. It’s a well-known fact that customers shopping across multiple channels will have a 30% higher lifetime value. Therefore, the advent of Converged Commerce represents a dramatic change in the way [...]

What is a chargeback, and why does it affect my business?

June 22, 2021|

Credit and debit cards are now a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. However, in their early 1970s beginnings, consumer fear drove low customer acceptance rates. People were worried their cards could be lost or stolen and used for unauthorised transactions with the owner left to foot the bill. In [...]

A guide to online payments for new eCommerce businesses

June 15, 2021|

Over the last year, eCommerce sales have grown substantially, mainly boosted by the global pandemic. In the UK, only in January 2021, online retail sales reached an all-time high with 74% growth. With this increase in online transactions, businesses learned that customers require more flexibility in terms of how they [...]

Top Tips to Avoid Payment Fraud for Your Business

June 9, 2021|

Payment fraud cost the UK economy £783.8 million in 2020, according to UK Finance. However, notable investments in advanced security systems helped protect customers from this type of fraud. The addition of real-time transaction analysis also paid off, as the banking and finance industry prevented around £1.6 billion of unauthorised [...]

Six things you need to consider when choosing a POS machine

June 9, 2021|

Choosing the right point-of-sale (POS) machine for your business can be quite a difficult task. There are many different choices on the market, and deciding what's best for your business can get a little overwhelming. With so many options available, it is essential to carefully consider hardware and software features [...]

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