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Your Last-Minute Payments Checklist for Black Friday

November 24, 2021|

Things are looking up this holiday season in the UK. After a low-key 2020 in terms of customer spending, shoppers in the UK market are forecasted to spend a record amount this year. In fact, British consumers accounted for 10% of Black Friday searches, according to Statista, and they [...]

Trust Payments Have Expanded into the US Gaming Sector

November 23, 2021|

Trust Payments US is a part of our international group, with our office being in the great city of Atlanta. Since 2019, we have found many new and innovative verticals to offer our technology and payment services. The choice to expand into the US gambling and gaming [...]

How Trust Payments Can Help You Enter the World of Cryptocurrency

November 23, 2021|

The crypto market over the past decade has been adopted by millions of people, with 9% worldwide owning bitcoin. Over time it is becoming a prominent way in which people invest as well as pay for items. The idea of cryptocurrency is beginning to take off, and [...]

Prepare Your Online Store for the Black Friday Rush

November 22, 2021|

It’s most likely you haven't even begun thinking about turkey and cranberry sauce yet, but perhaps it is time. The most celebrated American holiday, Thanksgiving, is often followed by the most awaited shopping day of the year, Black Friday, and this is a tradition wholeheartedly adopted by the UK market. [...]

Why Trust Payments Have Expanded into Malta’s Gaming Sector

November 17, 2021|

Trust Payments (Malta) Ltd, one of the fastest-growing payment companies on the island, is part of Trust Payments, an international group with roots in the UK and the USA. As a fast-growing company, we want to expand into Malta's dynamic and successful gaming sector. On the [...]

Meet Your A-list Payment Team for Blockchain Expo

November 17, 2021|

Meet your dedicated We are proud to be sponsoring this year’s Blockchain Expo Europe 2021. The event will be returning to the RAI, Amsterdam, on the 23-24th November 2021, where we will be joined by key industries from across the globe who are keen to share their knowledge on [...]

How Visa Direct Can Fuel Your Gaming Payments in Real-time

November 17, 2021|

We are nearing the day when real-time payments will become the norm for all businesses. The gaming industry is no stranger to this mentality shift as customers continue to focus on the speed of payments, for example, expecting their winnings to be sent in real-time. Moreover, 70% of them [...]

Key Gaming Payment Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

November 16, 2021|

The gaming industry has seen a lot of change this year as a record number of games were delayed for 2022, marking 2021 as one of the most delay-heavy years in gaming’s history, according to Digitaltrends. In the gaming payments space, with Covid-19 accelerating the demise of cash, alternative [...]

Are Omni-payments the Future of Payments in the Food and Beverage Industry?

November 12, 2021|

According to the UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS), the consumer hospitality sector spending is now less than 70% of its pre-pandemic levels and turnover is one quarter lower than 2019 levels. And, over the last year, both consumers and hospitality businesses have experienced fundamental changes that will last for [...]

How to defend your business against chargebacks in the restaurant industry

November 11, 2021|

Restaurants are a vast sector that continue to thrive on the mass number of customers that visit them. However, it is becoming harder for restauranteurs (especially start-ups) to grow their business due to the number of fraudulent chargebacks they face from customers. Starting a restaurant is no walk in the [...]

How to prepare your business for the busiest season of the year

November 9, 2021|

As the temperature drops and the festive lights come out, we know that the Christmas countdown has begun. The next few months are usually the most exciting and fruitful for retail. Take advantage of everyone's spending frenzy as, on average, a family will spend more than £500 on Christmas. As [...]

Meet Your A-list Payment Team for SiGMA 2021

November 8, 2021|

Meet your dedicated Meet Steve Ford Vice President of Sales in Europe and Account Management One of our key growth sectors in the past two years has been Gaming and Gambling, and therefore SiGMA is a massive event for us each year. Trust Payments can [...]

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