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The Summer of Customer Love

Summer’s in full swing, and the plenitude of quintessentially British outdoor events – festivals, fêtes, car boot sales – has got all of us hankering for refreshment as we bask in the glorious summer rays. Glass of Pimm’s anyone?

Food and drinks vans and stands are everywhere to be seen, selling all manner of delicious wares, but time and again customers are frustrated when they reach the front of the long queue to be told with a wan smile: ‘Sorry, cash only!’

This can be a real dampener on the day if, quite understandably, you’ve followed the global payment trend of going cashless. You ask yourself how, in this day and age, any trader worth their salt can possibly not accept card and mobile wallet payments?!       

Smartphone payments are on the rise – make sure you accept them!

The last thing you want when you’re enjoying a day out is having to take out cash, fiddle with loose change, and walk around all day with coins jangling in your pocket. The savvier food and drink vendors jumped on the card payments bandwagon years ago, but for some reason, other hawkers are still struggling against the cashless tide.

Whether the reason is that the price of card terminals is judged to be too dear, because vendors fear bad connectivity, or because they simply don’t know enough about how easy taking card payments can be, the solution is here:

Trust Payments MP200


The MP200 is the ideal mobile payment device for on-the-go payments. So whether you’re selling your products in the heart of London’s financial district, or knee-deep in mud in a field in Somerset, this device won’t restrict your movement. The lightweight card reader fits snugly in your hand like a mobile phone. Wherever your customers are, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to place the device right in front of them, guaranteeing a simple and swift payment for your small business.

The Trust Payments MP200


If you’re worried about connectivity, the MP200 comes fitted with WiFi, Bluetooth and micro-USB communication capabilities. It also integrates into any Android, iOS and Windows device, meaning that wherever you get phone signal, you’ll be able to accept payments. And with the impending spread of 5G mobile connectivity, this will include even the deepest, leafiest and muddiest countryside corners in the British countryside.     


The fortunes of summer events in the UK can turn in an instant – one minute the sun is blazing, and the next, torrential rain is pouring down. Food, drink and craft traders need to take control of all of the controllables – and a robust and reliable card payment system is one of these. You need to be prepared to accept all types of payments, including cash, cards and mobile wallets, so that wherever your trade takes you, you can connect your goods and services with your customers.

Trust Payments offer card terminals to vendors at rates that will keep the sun shining all summer and beyond. To find out more about the MP200 and how our family of card machines can help your business at events, get in touch with us today. 

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