Visa Direct

This solution enables seamless payment experiences
that allow businesses to push real-time* payments directly to
customers’ card accounts.

Improve cash

Use one system
for online, in-app,
POS or in-store

Better customer

Offer it 24/7/365 days a year and integrate into your
existing customer
journey seamlessly.


Clear pricing, fast
settlements and
decision making. 48
hour onboarding

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Secure &

A trusted network and
security that ensures your
data is managed securely
and appropriately.

Who should use it?

Businesses across different verticals can
use our solution to process faster, more
efficient payments to customers. This is a
must-have for any organisation which
needs to move money to their customers’
debit accounts instantly to maximise
loyalty and retention.

Insurance Payment

Pioneering insurers use real time payouts
as a way to earn the satisfaction and
loyalty of their claimants. The moment a
customer makes a claim is the ‘moment of
truth’ when it comes to their experience.
We can help insurers meet your
claimants’ expectations by pushing
payouts in real time*.

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Money Transfer

When making a transfer, customers no
longer want to wait for 3+ days for money
to be sent to their accounts. Build trust
and loyalty by sending money instantly to
your customers’ accounts and in over 130

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Education Payments

Kick off your relationship on the right path
and ensure your students become
advocates by offering your students
immediate access to bursaries,
scholarships and grants. You can also
support international students with
options to pay out to over 130 countries.

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