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In-store POS tips to increase Black Friday sales

Black Friday is taken quite seriously in the United Kingdom. Due to an unsettled economy, inventory issues, demand fluctuations, and changing consumer behaviour, Black Friday sales may feel particularly stressful this year for your business. Though times are tougher, many Brits are still taking advantage of Black Friday to get their Christmas shopping done, with 85% using the event [...]

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How Converged Commerce™ can boost customer spending during Black Friday and Cyber Week

It's that time of year again - Black Friday is just around the corner. And the competition will be tough this year, as in 2021, Black Friday weekend sales totalled 9.42 billion British pounds, of which 61.49% were online sales. As a result of the pandemic, consumer spending habits changed significantly in 2020 and 2021, and [...]

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The 7 best reasons to switch to 3DS2

As of 15 October 2022, Visa will no longer support 3-D Secure 1 (3DS1) and related technologies. But there is still time left to get your business in compliance with the latest regulations on card payment authorisations. Even though acquirers and issuers have had time to implement new technologies like 3D Secure 2, we know that a significant portion [...]

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3DS2 deadline countdown – is your business ready?

Many SMEs believe they are too small to be of interest to fraudsters, but that is far from the truth. Sadly, credit card fraud is extremely prevalent amongst smaller businesses. Usually, banks take about 10 weeks to settle any chargeback disputes, which will inevitably have an impact on your cash flow. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The [...]

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The rise and impact of contactless commerce

Evidence is mounting that the sudden veering to more contactless payments could result in a permanent paradigm shift in the retail industry. In a recent MasterCard survey of consumers, 8 in 10 use contactless due to safety and cleanliness concerns, and 3 in 4 plan to continue using it after the pandemic has ended. Consumers are increasingly using their [...]

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Top ways to future-proof your small business today

Businesses are operating in an increasingly fast-changing world where standing still and sticking to outdated strategies are no longer options. They need a growth strategy that both corresponds to and anticipates industry changes, generating efficiency and improvements to boost profit margins and achieve long-term success. Here are six steps you can take to future-proof your small business for 2022 [...]

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Payment insights: how to grow your business

Payments are changing so quickly that small businesses have difficulty keeping up. Any business hoping to differentiate itself, gain a competitive edge and increase revenue needs to have the ability to monitor, support and adjust payments. Therefore payment insights are essential if you have an ambitious growth plan. A good start will save you time and money in the [...]

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Top tips to cut abandoned carts in your mobile app

In the age of the smartphone, companies selling goods and services online need to figure out how to keep consumers engaged and committed to their purchases. Any consumer will tell you that having to take out their credit card and entering the 12-digit code will make them think twice before making a purchase. No wonder shopping cart abandonment rates [...]

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Use BNPL to uplift your business bottom line

The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) boom is here to stay, and it shows no signs of slowing down. During the Coronavirus pandemic, instalment payments have soared in popularity along with an overall surge in online shopping, initially spreading out the cost of large purchases. So much that 1 out of 3 UK consumers used this payment method more [...]

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Top tips to excel at inventory management in all commerce settings

As your business grows, you will interact with customers differently through direct sales, non-traditional marketing or your website. While a great customer experience is essential for securing long-term revenue, you probably haven't considered how important it is to balance this relationship with consistently keeping your expenses on track.One solution to addressing this long-term is to consider inventory management software so [...]

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