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Your retail platform and insights accessible remotely

Create profitable and predictable outcomes for your retail estate with our Cloud-based retail intelligence tool

Drive in-store performance with real-time actions

Enhance pricing, product, and promotion strategies for better sales performance and market competitiveness using real-time data insights

Pricing tool

Make informed pricing decisions with real time visibility of costs, margins, store stock levels and inventory data.

Promotion Management

Create, track and monitor sales, discount, and cross-selling campaigns to ensure effectiveness.

Product Management

Set-up and manage all your products and ranges with insights to know what the right price or the right channel is.

Retailer wins

One hub for all your retail insights

Streamline operations with real-time visibility, actionable insights, and comprehensive reporting for optimised sales strategies and market advantage.

Total visibility of your products

A clear and reliable overview of your products in one place, in real-time, giving you the flexibility and control to drive performance.

Detailed Sales Insights

Sales reports to show you the performance of your brands, product categories and collections. View store metrics right down to the cash register level.

Hone your sales strategy and drive value

Easily create offers based on variants where data proves the products drive the most value.

Reduce the amount of wastage to maximise profits

Order the right products at the right time

Reporting for everyone, from anywhere

Easily view, monitor, update and forecast products, prices, and offers from any device. From Head Office to the shopfloor, access is covered.

Manage inventory more effectively

See stock on hand and inventory levels at-a-glance and across your stores, to ensure customer demands are fulfilled

Gain market advantage

Easily and proactively manage complex pricing including pricing tiers and price banding across products and locations.

Total control

A single, visible version of the truth with data stored safely in the cloud so you can access the information you need, any time, on any device.

Start your Trust Retail journey today.

Hear from our customers

Security statement

Security is our top priority at Trust Payments and we strive to ensure that all data is kept secure at all times We keep all customer data safe with AES256 encryption, SSL Certificates, and a minimum of TLS1.2, between your website and our datacentres.

Our systems are scanned quarterly using the Qualys PCI Platform, an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and approved vendors – Omnicybersecurity (UK) & Forgenix (US) – to ensure compliance with the security requirements of the card schemes.

We follow a number of rigorous security procedures on a daily basis including, but not limited to, continuous monitoring of our perimeter, dark web monitoring, and internal checks to ensure that CIA triad is maintained at all times.