Optimise your sales and customer experience with seamless, speedy payments solutions 


Global unified payment & customer journey solutions for all types of businesses. We make it simple and easy through our unified cloud platform.

How can we support you

Online Payments

Take online payments with our cloud platform and suite of payment APIs that powers all sizes of business.


Mobile Payments

Integrate payments in an app with our mobile SDK solution, take all type of payments with our single integration.


With our flexible and reliable acquiring services we connect to over 60+ banks globally with 100% uptime.

TouchFree Payments

All our customers now have access to our TouchFree Payments solution. This solution enables our customers to take payments, anytime, anywhere. 

Ensuring you are secured

We understand that not all businesses are the same, that is why we provide security that meets all needs.  

Why customers love and stay with us

24/7 Support

Talk with a human or our bot anytime through channels that work for you and your business


Our  platform security is unrivalled, we have never had a second of downtime, ever! 


We know how important it is to scale your business that is why we  integrate with 100s of partners 

One unified platform

Take control of your business today and see all your payment data in one place 

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