Converged Commerce™

Our multi-platform solution merges all your sales channels, customer journeys and data so that you can focus on the bigger picture. We call it Converged Commerce™.

Many channels.
One solution.

The landscape of commerce is changing fast, with new sales flows emerging all the time: Online, In-Store, Mobile, Social-Selling and Wearables are all part of tomorrow’s mix, as are alternative currencies.

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Supercharge your business
with Converged Commerce

Powerful and intuitive eCommerce

Many ways to pay including mobile

Loyalty tools incorporated

Fully secure and fraud resilient

Converged Commerce™ – a range of solutions to power your growth

Maintain deep and meaningful relationships with your customers every step of the way.


An out-of-the-box solution for your online store. Quick set-up and easy operations. No need for third parties.

Robust omnichannel solution

New ways to accept payments.

QR code payments

Digital transactions with one scan.

Fast integration of new technologies

Including wearables and checkout-free shopping.

Social sales

Let social influencers do the selling for you.


Rewards schemes, powered by Blockchain, are a powerful sales tool.


Simplify payments

Merge your sales channels

Deepen customer loyalty

Futureproof your business

Our commerce solutions


Our powerful TRU Connect platform is your fastest route to simple online payment acceptance, with or without your own website.


Point of sale

Robust and reliable POS devices with real-time access to all your online, mobile and point of sale payment transactions.

mobile payments solution

Mobile payments

Fully optimised mobile payments with our In-App​ Payment Mobile SDK which Integrates into your native app.



Our TRU Link solution enables a seamless link between your own ePOS or Property Management System and our POS devices.



Improve security with enhanced 3-D Secure 2 as standard packaged into our e-commerce solutions. Maximise compliance.


Website builder

Stor is an out-of-the-box solution for your online store. Quick to set-up and easy to operate. No need for third parties.


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