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Many channels,
One solution.

Our omnichannel payments solutions merge all your sales channels, customer journeys and data so that you can focus on the bigger picture. We call it Converged Commerce™.

Omnichannel Payment Platform

Simplify payments for omnichannel ecommerce

We offer a simple and fast way to build and scale your online shop.

Merge your omni sales channels

Connect your favourite cart plugins like BigCommerce, Magento and more.

Deepen customer loyalty

Our API library provides secure integrations for your systems into our platform.

Futureproof your business

Trust Payments handles the customer’s payment session including any SCA required by EMV 3-D Secure.

Supercharge your business with Converged Commerce™

Our omnichannel approach maintains deep and meaningful relationships with your customers every step of the way.

Webshop builder

An out-of-the-box solution for your online store. Quick set-up and easy operations. No need for third parties.


Rewards schemes, powered by Blockchain, are a powerful sales tool.

Robust omnichannel solution

New ways to accept payments.

QR code payments

Digital transactions with one scan.

Fast integration of new technologies

Including wearables and checkout-free shopping.

Social sales

Let social influencers do the selling for you.

A range of solutions to power your growth

Create first class shopping experience through omnichannel gateway and integration.

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An omnichannel payment solution is a system that allows customers to make purchases or payments using various channels seamlessly. It enables customers to make transactions across different channels such as in-store, online, mobile, or through other emerging channels like social media or voice-activated devices.

Omnichannel payments offer several benefits for businesses and customers, including:

  1. Seamless customer experience
  2. Greater convenience
  3. Increased sales opportunities
  4. Enhanced customer engagement and loyalty
  5. Improved operational efficiency
  6. Better fraud prevention

Retail POS (Point of Sale) with omnichannel refers to a retail management system that integrates the point of sale system with various other channels, such as online sales, mobile commerce, and in-store transactions. It enables retailers to manage inventory, process orders, and track sales across different channels, providing a unified view of the business operations.

Omnichannel is important in retail because it allows retailers to provide a seamless and integrated shopping experience across multiple channels, such as online, mobile, and brick-and-mortar stores. It enables customers to engage with the brand through their preferred channel, providing convenience and flexibility. By implementing an omnichannel strategy, retailers can increase customer satisfaction, build brand loyalty, and ultimately drive sales.

An omnichannel in ecommerce refers to a holistic approach where retailers integrate various channels, both online and offline, to provide a unified shopping experience to customers. It involves integrating platforms, processes, and data to enable a seamless flow of information and transactions across different channels.

An omnichannel sales strategy refers to a comprehensive approach where retailers aim to deliver a consistent and personalised experience to customers across multiple sales channels. It involves aligning marketing, sales, and customer service efforts to create a seamless customer journey and increase sales conversions.

Security statement

Security is our top priority at Trust Payments and we strive to ensure that all data is kept secure at all times We keep all customer data safe with AES256 encryption, SSL Certificates, and a minimum of TLS1.2, between your website and our datacentres.

Our systems are scanned quarterly using the Qualys PCI Platform, an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and approved vendors – Omnicybersecurity (UK) & Forgenix (US) – to ensure compliance with the security requirements of the card schemes.

We follow a number of rigorous security procedures on a daily basis including, but not limited to, continuous monitoring of our perimeter, dark web monitoring, and internal checks to ensure that CIA triad is maintained at all times.

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