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How Converged Commerce™ can boost customer spending during Black Friday and Cyber Week

It's that time of year again - Black Friday is just around the corner. And the competition will be tough this year, as in 2021, Black Friday weekend sales totalled 9.42 billion British pounds, of which 61.49% were online sales. As a result of the pandemic, consumer spending habits changed significantly in 2020 and 2021, and [...]

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Payment authentication trends your business should take advantage of

Over the course of the pandemic, consumer needs have changed, requiring merchants to adapt. Consumers shopping online now expect and demand frictionless checkout processes and easy payment options. According to Morgan Stanley, global eCommerce rose from 15% of total retail sales in 2019 to 21% in 2021, and it’s an estimated 22% of sales in 2022. And experts believe [...]

By |November 3, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Online Payments|

Trust Payments signs new partnership with Online IPS

Trust Payments, a leader in fintech powering truly innovative customer commerce solutions, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Online International Processing Solution (Online IPS), a global merchant services organisation dedicated to multi-national payment processing. Online IPS focuses on delivering trusted omnichannel payment solutions in North America, Europe and Latin America. It’s partnership with Trust [...]

By |October 31, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, News, Partners|

Trust Payments strikes partnership with YayPay to automate B2B payment collection

Trust Payments, a leader in fintech powering truly innovative customer commerce solutions, today announces a new partnership with Quadient Accounts Receivable by YayPay to offer one-off transactions and recurring payments on credit card, accelerating support for making payments across the UK and Europe. This wide-ranging partnership enables Quadient AR to offer its customers a simpler and [...]

By |October 26, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, News, Online Payments, Partners|

Trust Payments unveils new Agent Program & Gateway offering for US customers

Trust Payments, a leader in fintech powering truly innovative customer commerce solutions, has unveiled two new innovative offerings in the United States – created to help ensure merchants across the US can make payments seamless without multiple providers. The new product launches have been developed to broaden the range of payments technology that Trust Payments can [...]

By |October 25, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, News, Online Payments|

eCommerce “Tricks and Treats” for Halloween success

In recent years, Halloween has gained massive popularity in the United Kingdom, becoming one of its biggest commercial and cultural events. Halloween traditions, like dressing up, trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins, have led to a lot of consumer spending. Spending in 2021 was estimated at over 600 million pounds in the UK, according to Statista. It's no surprise that parents [...]

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3 ways to lower customer checkout friction with 3DS2

In recent years, we have seen a boost for digital business transformation accelerated by the pandemic, with great benefits for online commerce. In 2022 only, eCommerce is predicted to grow to a $5.55 trillion market, becoming more relevant than ever. Meanwhile, merchants are faced with a frightening reality - an increase in fraud and cart abandonment. [...]

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The 7 best reasons to switch to 3DS2

As of 15 October 2022, Visa will no longer support 3-D Secure 1 (3DS1) and related technologies. But there is still time left to get your business in compliance with the latest regulations on card payment authorisations. Even though acquirers and issuers have had time to implement new technologies like 3D Secure 2, we know that a significant portion [...]

By |October 12, 2022|Blogs, eCommerce, Online Payments, Retail, SME|

How to get safer credit card payments with 3DS2

It’s hard to believe that credit cards have been around for 100 years. And now, more than ever, the economy heavily relies on credit, which has proven to be a flexible way of borrowing money for businesses and customers. We know that beyond offering cash flexibility, credit card data also shows how people manage their cards, including when they’re [...]

By |September 29, 2022|3DS, Blogs, eCommerce, Online Payments, Security|
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