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How Using OEM Pay Can Boost Your eCommerce Sales and Bring More Clients to Your Store

There are many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Pay apps. I’m going to talk about the most common ones: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. They can provide your online store with traffic you couldn’t even expect. How?

Those technologies use NFC (Near Field Communication) and let your customers purchase in stores using their phones and, what is more convenient, buy items in apps and on websites.

Sounds like a thing you should have implemented already, doesn’t it?

Why using OEM Pay creates a genuinely customer-centric shopping experience

The global mobile payment market shows positive changes, and from now on it’s extremely easy to make people buy even more. You just have to implement OEM Pay system in your store. This way both you and your customers will be happy.

No extra steps are needed

Imagine: it’s Thursday, 9 p.m., your customers are exhausted after a long working day. They are lying in their beds sluggishly checking what’s new in your store. Boom! This is the dress she’s been looking for her whole life. Or the boots that will be the perfect match with that brown tie. Or whatever.

But, as we remember, customers are lazy. They don’t want to get up to find the credit card and follow a multi-step checkout process: typing card details, creating an account and remembering passwords. And… No purchase, no money, no conversion. You’ve got an abandoned cart.

This story could sound much better if there were, let’s say, an “Apple Pay” button. One tap and all the goodies are on its way to your customer. A happy customer is a repeat customer.

Fewer abandoned carts

The same story: having credit card details on the device is convenient for the customer. There is no need to postpone your purchase because your card is within reach. One tap – everything is ready.

Impulsive purchases are easy to make

Before OEM Payment appeared a customer had at least some time to think before buying online while looking for a credit card. Now no time needed. A person sees the thing – a person buys this thing. BTW, people spend more money purchasing impulsively.

No fees

No additional fees are required for OEM payment solution. So, no need to hesitate.

BTW, if you’re selling online and thinking about various platforms where you could also present your business, you’d like our complete guide to selling everywhere. We’ve collected all the necessary information about selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and you’ll find out what omni-channel marketing is.

I want to implement OEM Pay. Is it secure for my customers to use it?

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay encrypt the information and send it for verification. Your bank approves that you’re a cardholder, and after that, you get a digital card number or token. None of the services has access to that number.

If you want to learn more about privacy rights, check them here: for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Android Pay.

In X-Cart we also offer integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay to our clients. They provide fraud protection, boost sales and make our clients’ businesses. competitive.

To sum up

If you care about your customers (and I’m sure that you do) and want to give them everything you can – the opportunity to use OEM Pay is one of these things. They will like it because it saves their time, and you will love it because you get both income and happy customers.

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Veronika is a Marketing Manager at X-Cart. The company provides you with eCommerce solution for high-performing online stores, along with the full range of services for online business.

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