Mobile Payments

Seamless payments for your
app with our SDK.

Plug in to our platform

Integrate TRU Connect into your native app with our In-App
Payment Mobile SDK.

Apple Pay

All major cards

Store multiple


iOS + Android

3DS level 1 & 2

Card tokenisation

Digital wallet

Customisable to your brand


Great User Experience

A fully optimised native in-app payment journey, right from day 1.

Compliant with more payments

Our SDK is compliant with both 3DS level 1 and level 2 standards.

Added convenience for returning

Customers can save cards for future or repeat use, reducing friction and making it easier to buy from you.

Repeat business

Offer recurring or subscription payments. Get paid the same time, same amount at scheduled intervals. You decide the amount and frequency.

Simplified PCI Compliance

Card data is tokenised so compliance with PCI security regulations is simple.

Offer subscriptions

Quick set-up

Highly customisable

Fully accessible with our
TRU Connect gateway

Works with iOS11+ and
Xcode 10.2+; Android 5.0
and API level 21+

Want to get the smartest point-of-sale hardware around so your customers love to pay?

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