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Keeping recurring payments rolling, so your customers receive an uninterrupted service. Account Updater service keeps your cards-on-file details up-to-date, so you never miss a payment and your customers receive a seamless experience.

Offer your customers an additional way to pay

Start accepting payments online, even if you have no website. Our pay-by-link solution allows a merchant to send a payment link to a customer via numerous channels, including email, SMS and social messaging platforms.


Send real-time payment requests

You can generate an intuitive and convenient link for your customers to click and pay immediately via one click.

Accept online payments 24/7

Once they receive the link, the customer can make the payment at any time, making it ultra-convenient for them.

Take payments securely and safely

All payments are backed by 3-D Secure, giving you and your customers confidence and security.

A touch-free solution

No need for your customer to touch a POS device or handle credit cards.

Take payments via digital channels

Send a payment request to your customers where it is easiest for them. Link can be sent over Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, WeChat and more.

Get paid in three easy steps