TRU Link

Integrates with your existing ePOS or Property Management System for ultimate speed and efficiency.

Unlock more value from your existing software

Let us make your life easier by plugging in to your existing retail or hospitality hardware and software providers. TRU Link connects your payment channels and POS setup, allowing them to work together. Whether you are taking a payment online, from a card machine or from a tablet, you can synchronise data, automatically reconcile and be more efficient.

Boost profits

Eliminate mis-keyed transactions

Easy to set up and use

No additional hardware or software is required

Increase your efficiency

Save valuable time with quicker transactions and fast reconciliation

More choice

Choose from multiple POS terminal options

Add value to existing software

Retailers and hospitality industry can cut queues and turn tables faster

We work with hundreds of companies

We work with a variety of partners, customers, membership organisations and specialist service providers to offer the best to our merchants.


Castles VEGA 3000M

Wireless mobile device that’s perfect for payments on the
move. Accept major card brands as well as Apple Pay,
Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Connects to

Wi-fi, 3G or USB

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Castles VEGA 3000C

Counter-top device that’s ideal for one fixed location.
Accept major card brands as well as Apple Pay, Samsung
Pay and Google Pay.

Integrated ePOS/
PMS system

Optional consumer-
facing PIN Pad

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Charging cradle

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