Smart tech to outsmart the fraudsters. Total protection with our security solutions.

TRU Fraud Check
& 3D Secure 2

Improve security and reduce chargebacks with our award-winning risk management, AML and fraud detection powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Enhanced 3D Secure 2 as standard on our eCommerce solutions.

Powered by AI

Fully compliant

Risk detection

Anti-money laundering



Real-time actionable insights

Our smart tool using AI, machine learning and authentication technology stops fraud in its tracks. No compromises on conversion or profitability.

Reduced Chargeback Volumes

Prevent Chargebacks / Reduce your risk and liability for chargebacks.

Full Compliance

Don’t let chargebacks and operational costs build up by making sure you remain fully compliant.

SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)

No complicated set-up required. Your device is set up and ready to use straight from the box. Just enter the activation code and you can collect card payments straight away!

360 degree insights across all
payment channels

Real-time results across all payment channels from our interactive transaction dashboard.

Advanced risk, fraud
and AML detection

TRU Fraud Check detects fraud and cyber threats through continuous behavioural authentication.

Prevent cyberattacks including
malware and bots

Decrease the need for secondary

Reduce false positives

Manage PSD2 thresholds

Protect against account takeover

Remove friendly fraud

Device fingerprinting


Dynamic 3DS support


Interactive transaction

Advanced authentication with 3D Secure 2.1

3DS 2.1 is an enhanced method of confirming the identity of eCommerce consumers. Authentication methods can include fingerprint authentication, voice or face recognition and behavioural biometrics.

A streamlined customer experience

In-app authentication so no redirects
outside your app

Potential to increase acceptance

PSD2 SCA compliance for all
transactions acquired and issued
in the EEA

Optional 3DS mobile SDKs (iOS and

Optional Advanced Behavioural Biometrics

Installing Screenwize on your website adds behavioural biometrics that learns visitors’ behaviour, improves scoring and helps detect social engineering attacks.

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