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A Guide to Mega-Sale-Day Events

ecommerce guide to mega sale day events

As the digital landscape becomes more crowded, brands must develop innovative and engaging strategies to grab consumers’ attention across a variety of channels during holiday sales. eCommerce sales are expected to double by 2026, and one of the catalysts for this growth is the growing number of mega shopping events or “Mega Sale Days”.

Mega Sales Days are categorised as significant sales events in Southeast Asia, which are playing a crucial role in the e-commerce calendar because of the growing number of these events. Mega Sales Days are increasingly adopted outside of their origin countries, first on a regional scale, then globally, starting with Europe.

“Singles Day”, which takes place on 11 November every year, is one such event originating in China in the ’90s and is symbolised by the number 11/11, which signifies four singles celebrating together. Considered the largest online shopping day in the world, it is now getting traction in Europe, targeting the Chinese expats in the West. As mainstream and international brands in the UK capitalise on this trend, Statista forecasted sales generated during Singles’ Day in the UK exceeding £1.44bn this year.

Bringing consumers from discovery to purchase

Mega Sales Days campaigns have gone beyond the traditional Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Easter or seasonal sales. In addition to the 11.11 sales, brands run campaigns throughout the year, including their “birthday anniversary campaigns” and other year-end campaigns 9.9 and 12.12. They also focused on localised holiday campaigns to capitalise on regional customers.

There has been a shift in how consumers consume content and discover products in the past few years, and Mega Sales Days are tapping into this shift. There are a lot more cross-border purchases, and consumers are influenced by the conversational commerce trend. They are more likely to complete a purchase if the business is reachable through messaging. Particularly in the past 18 months, there has been tremendous growth in different digital experiences, such as live shopping, according to Campaign.

Key insights to help you make the best of Mega Sale Days

Offers and discounts alone will not cut it

Especially for younger audiences. Now, consumers look for presale events and want brands to engage them with giveaways and interactive games. There has been some experimentation among fashion brands and retailers through collaborations and campaigns with popular references. For example, Moschino launched a new collection with Sims, featuring garments with Sims motifs. For the release of its Sonic sneaker, Kenzo created a gamified e-shopping experience restricted to a number of players to give the appearance of exclusivity.

Social media: an essential tool for discovery

Consumers increasingly use social media to get inspiration about what to buy during Mega Sales Days. Thanks to personalised recommendations on social media, most have been able to complete purchases. Combine retargeting campaigns with personalisation for incredible results. Any of your prospects can be targeted with a separate, personalised message, showing them dynamic ads of the same product they had already checked out. Alternatively, you can show them additional products after they have made a purchase.

Frictionless eCommerce involves frictionless mobile experiences.

Consumers often have issues with their mobile apps or websites taking too long to load, images that are unclear, and product information that is too complicated to understand. Customers on Mega Sales Day reward brands that eliminate these issues and deliver frictionless experiences. Among the most popular beauty brands today, Sephora has mastered the mobile user experience with a mobile app that enhances the in-store experience and makes online shopping incredibly simple. By scanning bar codes, users can read product reviews and watch how-to videos in-store, as well as track their purchase history.

The Wrap-up

During Mega Sales Days, online retailers need to make sure their sales stand out from the crowd. Research, strategic thinking, and the willingness and ability to use multiple marketing channels are necessary in addition to offering enticing deals and discounts.

If you are concerned that Mega Day Sales will tax your resources or disrupt your online strategies, simply take a step-by-step approach and test what works for your brand. Following the tips provided in this article will ensure you deliver the most impact when it comes to getting shoppers to make purchases.

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