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How to create smarter checkout experiences this Christmas

How to create smarter checkout experiences this Christmas

The Christmas Sale Season is just around the corner, and for many online businesses, this may be a make-or-break period. In 2021, Christmas sales in the UK peaked at 84.17 billion British pounds.

But retail sales during the Christmas season are predicted to amount to 82.2 billion British pounds in 2022, highlighting a loss of 6.3 percent. Similarly, eCommerce sales are forecasted to see a steep decline during this holiday season which is spanning mid-November to the end of December 2022.

One thing stands between you and your goal: cart abandonment. And you might not know it, but there is a great deal of importance attached to the checkout process in your online store, as every customer will visit it for a specific purpose.

The benefits of smart checkout

Whether your eCommerce site converts visitors into actual buyers depends largely on your checkout page. Customer satisfaction and the likelihood of returning are also affected by the checkout experience.

Providing a better checkout experience will reaffirm customers’ decision to buy from you. As a result, it will be easier for them to finish the process, and it can increase the conversion rate. As a result, customers will be more likely to return, and the value of each order will increase.

The tips in this article will help you optimise your checkout process, keep customers on your website, and make it as easy as possible for them to find and buy the perfect gift during this Christmas season.

Top tips for smarter checkouts

1. A highly-visible Call To Action (CTA)

There can be no denying that customers put convenience high on their list of reasons for shopping at the stores they do. Display a prominent CTA button to encourage them to add items to their cart.

Make the Call To Action button bigger, brighter, and more colourful than the rest of the product page. If you want to make it even better, give them the option to check out right from the product page so they can skip the add-to-cart step.

2. A clear overview of product information

As an online retailer, you’re always looking for ways to increase the average order value. Let the buyer know what’s in their cart: the number of objects, size, colours, and other relevant information.

During sales season, be transparent about the goods’ availability and keep your clients updated. Don’t lead a potential customer through a bunch of steps just to let them know the product they want is out of stock.

3. Offer a transparent checkout process

Make sure there aren’t any surprises at checkout. Keep your return and refund policies transparent, and don’t charge hidden fees. It’s no longer a secret that 49 percent of online shoppers abandon a transaction because of shipping fees.

Allow customers to review and modify their orders before placing them. You can use a review screen to ensure everything is correct – their shipping address, order quantity, and credit card info. If they need to make any changes, like removing a product, let them do it on the same checkout page. You’ll get more repeat customers and fewer returns and customer service calls.

4. Simplify payments

Using multiple payment options is a no-brainer, but many sites limit their payment options to only a few. Make it easy to pay with a card, use a digital wallet, or use 1-click checkout services like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Think about adding a Buy Now Pay Later option.

Support multiple currencies and payment gateways by allowing customers to pick their own currencies – that way, they can pay in their local currency.

5. Enable guest checkout

Most holiday shoppers just want to get something for the holidays. They don’t necessarily want to be your long-term customers. You should let users check out as a guest so they can enter the minimum information quickly, get to payment, and finish their purchase before deciding to change their mind.

Boost your conversion rates by not making them create an account to take advantage of a hot deal.

6. Make it easy to return to an abandoned cart

You can’t make everyone buy. Some people leave their carts before making a purchase. You should make it easy to return and buy things left in the cart.

You can save cart items for later so prospects can complete the purchase when it’s more convenient. This is a clever way to re-engage clients who had previously abandoned the checkout.

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