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In-store POS tips to increase Black Friday sales

In-store POS tips to increase Black Friday sales

Black Friday is taken quite seriously in the United Kingdom. Due to an unsettled economy, inventory issues, demand fluctuations, and changing consumer behaviour, Black Friday sales may feel particularly stressful this year for your business.

Though times are tougher, many Brits are still taking advantage of Black Friday to get their Christmas shopping done, with 85% using the event to get their Christmas shopping done and a third purchasing all their gifts at this time.

As the 25th of November marks this year’s Black Friday, here are a few tips to help you optimise your customers’ in-store experience:

1. Plan ahead

Most Black Friday shoppers know where and when to find the best deals. Choose your sale pieces based on what you learned from last year’s sales, stock up, and then get them in front of your customers well before the event. Create a buzz with emails, social media, window displays, apps, and point-of-sale messages.

Pro Tip: Use QR codes to link your online and offline sales. Again, use QR codes on your posters to direct customers to your website while they wait or to give them another option to buy from you when the store is too busy.

2. Make your store’s layout more appealing

Make sure your product placement matches your statistics to influence impulse purchases. The layout of your store can be changed to accommodate more jewellery counters if last year’s data shows jewellery sales made up a big portion of your Black Friday sales. You can also make it easier for clients to find top-selling items by stationing an employee with a mobile POS nearby.

Pro Tip: Make sure your Black Friday signs are prominent at the front of your store and on your main promotional aisle. You can make sure Black Friday shoppers can find what they want with the least friction.

3. Keep your supply chain in check

With a real-time POS system, you can keep track of inventory and avoid running out of popular items. Instead of waiting for inventory to fall below a set level, your POS can maintain a steady inventory flow regardless of how busy your store becomes. If you want to increase Black Friday sales, it should be your top priority.

You can set up automatic reminders for reordering fast-selling items. Check your POS data after the rush is over to see how often you reordered or transferred inventory.

Pro Tip: Black Friday is always busy, so customers might have to queue just a little bit longer. Make your signage clear about the expected wait times, and utilise in-queue merchandising systems to boost your sales.

4. Take advantage of time-sensitive sales

You can add to the thrill of Black Friday shopping by offering time-sensitive sales on specific items when you use a point-of-sale system that allows real-time promotions.

Use real-time inventory intelligence to offer a one-time deal on a specific clothing brand or sell spotlight products throughout the day. This functionality allows your shop to quickly match competitive offers during the holiday rush.

Pro Tip: Getting your message out to potential customers can be easy with social media. Combined with QR codes, it can help keep customers informed about your time-sensitive sales, provide them with coupons they can use in-store, or give them easy ways to join your loyalty program.

5. 24/7 customer service

Consider staffing levels when running a Black Friday event, whether it’s a one-day or a week-long one. Let your staff know their schedules and what you expect from them during this busy time. Tell them what the deals are, how much discount is applied, what stock levels you have, whether there are limits on items per person or whether any further reductions are in the works. All this information can also be stored in your POS so everyone can access the latest changes.

You can help your customers even when your stores are closed by email, phone or by letting them leave a message on your website or social media.

Pro Tip: Remember the display fixing accessories you may need, such as suction cups and adhesive tapes. Ensure your staff has enough of these to get them through the busy season.

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