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Pride Month: Shaun Dellenty talks allyship in the workplace

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In celebration of this years’ Pride Month, Trust Payments invited Shaun Dellenty, award winning author and inclusion advocate, to host a session for our global employees on the importance of allyship in the workplace.

A renowned speaker on LGBTQIA+ issues, Dellenty is first and foremost an educator, with a proud career teaching in schools. Dellenty stressed kindness and compassion as the underlying principles behind allyship, and outlined four key tips for people outside of the LGBTQIA+ community can help to support its members in the workplace:.

1. Willingness

The most important part of willingness is to listen to what people in the community have to say. This means being open to having your views challenged and being receptive to new information and perspectives. If your views are challenged, take a moment to pause, notice what is arising for you, why that might be, and consider where the other perspective might be stemming from, is it (for example) a lack of education or awareness?

If you get something wrong, such as a pronoun (we all make mistakes) briefly apologise if necessary and seek guidance so that you can try to get it right in future.

One of the best ways to learn from members of the LGBTQIA+ community is to read, and actively seek out new and enlightening information.

2. Action

Action means actively supporting colleagues, and anyone in your life, against discrimination. If you see something that is harmful, speak out. Sexuality and gender are protected characteristics under the 2010 Equality Act, and actions by others which discriminate against people based on these characteristics should either be raised to the appropriate level, or grounds for a discussion that offers others the chance to learn.

3. Visibility

Being seen is crucial – demonstrating your allyship isn’t a token gesture, it’s something that helps LGBTQIA+ people feel heard and seen, allowing them to feel more comfortable being themselves. Whether this is through physical items that display your support such as lanyards and stickers, social media advocacy, or attending pride events – showing your allyship is paramount.

The impacts of visibility can be far-reaching; Dellenty pointed to his own personal experience as he discussed how the ability to be oneself allows people to perform better at work, form better connections, and ultimately live better lives.


Language matters and is always evolving. Choosing to recognise someone’s identity is a sign of respect and will allow LGBTQIA+ people to feel accepted and welcome. This can also be extended to assumptions – remember that heterosexual should not be seen as the default.

Take the time to use inclusive language that doesn’t put LGBTQIA+ people on the back foot immediately, like using ‘partner’ in place of gendered terms and asking someone what their pronouns are if you are unsure.

Pride month is a celebration of LGBTQIA+ people, and Shaun Dellenty’s message of promoting compassion and kindness is one which resonated with us. We’re proud to have supported him, and all of our LGBTQIA+ employees at Trust Payments this Pride Month, and indeed every month.

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